Benefon Twin+

Benefon Twin+

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  • crazy

best mobile ever...... i love it!!!

  • Mohamed

3G Yes
Bluetooth Yes 2.0
Infrared port Yes
USB yes 2.0
for real

  • Peter

This GSM Phone was the first with two sim slots. But unfortunately it is not possible to use both cards at the same time. In the meantime several company's from China do have mobile phones with two sim cards that work simultaneously. For example Yulong with the CoolPAD series. Have a look at

  • Anonymous

This phone should never have been discontinued, I would buy one if I could get my hands on it, multiple SIM is a good idea, just one question; Do both SIMs have to be on the same network?

  • Barry Chale

Just to convey my concern/query for discontinuation of Benefon Twin+ which was a solution for cost concious people who use more than one SIM cards to take advantage of rate from one provider and coverage from the other. Most available dual SIM card phones requires one to switch off from one SIM card to access the other.
Please let me know if i can get one or two pieces from your remaining stock after discontinuation, I am prepared to pay for both cost & courier charges to Dar Es Salaaam, Tanzania

Thanks & Regards

  • marwa c.winani

I do appreciate the the technology of two sim card in one handset both active.
Many customers want this service,and they dont want to switch off their handset so as to access the other number.

  • Anonymous

you must bne joking this phone belongs in a museum beside a fucking steam engine!

  • go fuck

this phone is not good its a garbitz

  • khaled gendy

why benefon is not available in the United Arab Emirates market?
the agent told me that the production line Discontinued!

  • Vili

Bad is the Power Suply connector!

  • Ronie

where i can benefon twin+ here in the philippines and how much it will cost, i am interested with this product of benefon.

  • Judi Prasetijo

It's good perform for dynamics people. How can I get it at Indonesia and the prize ?

  • syidiq

order benefon
10 unit

  • - - - -

Nice design, fits well into my pocket. Design battery pack a "bit" defective: it easely detaches (and one clamp has broken now). Also, the battery alone has too many edges to keep into a pocket as spare one. Have difficulty charching the Twin; the chargerplug doesn't make good contact. Apart from its failures I really like my Twin because of its looks, performance and user interface.

  • Frank

Can you please improve the design of your battery pack? Even a child can easily detach it. How about making it tighter?

  • FrankyPlarisanDeGuzm

I have this phone for almost a year now. Excellent signal and long (640 characters)SMS messages capable. Cool backlight. I can change from one SIM to another quickly. It's time to change the battery pack because it broke (it is a bit brittle especially for an engineer who travels a lot to the provinces like me).

  • putri

the hp isn't look excellent without the vibration and very expensive to my pocket

  • KxxK

I have had mine for over a year........
Yes, the other one is idle. But you change card pretty fast. Here are my pros and cons + The size, Strong keeping net signal in low-siganal areas, Fast entry to write SMS, T9 works basically in every part where you want to write something, good menu....... - You can only use the 650 mAh battery, a bit slippery surface

  • Stephen Leung

Does it mean that both two sim cards are in function at the same time (Active in the same time)? or one card is active while other one is idle ?

  • Ivan Raos

It is a great mobile phone and I would like to have it. Could you help me to find where I could buy it? I am Croatia,Europe. Thanks anyway!