BenQ E72

BenQ E72

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  • Anonymous
  • p2q
  • 24 Mar 2011

why 3G ?

    • J
    • J.M.
    • Pwe
    • 08 Aug 2010

    This phone is excellent but with the rom 6.5 windows mobile it is so eficcient!

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      • Anonymous
      • mpF
      • 25 Apr 2010

      terrible phone. battery, logic, and now memory full despite new sd card, it has stalled.

        • r
        • rangrang
        • 9xH
        • 18 Mar 2010

        i like this phone, very optional..

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          • Anonymous
          • nuT
          • 29 Dec 2009

          phiiphie, 27 Aug 2009stand by time is way too short, scratches easily and freeze... great site about BenQ E72

            • P
            • Predrag
            • S7x
            • 16 Dec 2009

            The phone is great. I have for a mounth.

              • p
              • phiiphie
              • SYH
              • 27 Aug 2009

              stand by time is way too short, scratches easily and freezes a lot. On the contrary, quite hany for a windows mobile version 6 smartphone

                • J
                • James
                • QS1
                • 26 Aug 2009

                Great phone, but i found the display scratched easily, and the call quality isn't that great.

                  • E
                  • ELS (Will)
                  • mpU
                  • 07 Aug 2009

                  I like the phone, hate the operating system. The phone seems to be well designed and well built. It isn't touch screen (Windows 6.1 is the touchscreen version of Windows 6.0) but I wanted a phone to use as a phone so was happy with that. Windows 6.0 though has given me problems from the outset, whilst it syncs ok, loading Contacts from the computer proved a major headache, THERE IS NO DISTINCT CONTACTS FOLDER! Instead Contact details are embeded within an executable (EXE) in conjunction with at least two other files not readily accessible to user. Call logs are assigned directly to Contacts themselves, and I do not want this. You can add contacts to the phone manually no problem, but I suspect most people will be migrating from other phones and will want to just tranfer contact details rather than enter them in all over again. It seems to be designed mainly for use with Outlook, what of users who don't like Outlook? I do not use Outlook due to the security holes. Likely I will not be using this phone due to data security concerns. With Windows 6.0 until I can reasonably ensure the security of either my own or others personal data, phones using this oprating system are a no no.
                  - A very nice, well built reasonably priced phone if you want Windows 6.0, on consideration I do not now want Windows 6.0, 6.1 or the like, though otherwise I like the phone itself.

                  - Will

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                    • Anonymous
                    • tDy
                    • 27 Jul 2009

                    too short stand by time..
                    just wonder if it have more battery capacity i'll buy it

                      • B
                      • Bob
                      • mmU
                      • 14 Apr 2009

                      Necdet, 13 Jan 2009I got one of this phone. I'm very happy. Bluetooth is good.... moreThis is a lovely phone. This must be the smallest with a normal phone keypad running windows. It would be perfect if the battery lasted more than half a day!

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                        • noone
                        • SXc
                        • 19 Mar 2009

                        The phone is perfect. Sometimes a bit laggy because of the window os but still a perfect phone.

                          • N
                          • Necdet
                          • npC
                          • 13 Jan 2009

                          I got one of this phone. I'm very happy. Bluetooth is good. I tested Wi-fi connection with Fring and IE. Its very fast and working fine. Easy to use menus and phone. Synchronization with computer works fine. Outlook Exchange server connection is also working very good and mails come automatically when received. microphone quality is good but speaker sound is not good. quite low.

                            • K
                            • Krasi
                            • jJt
                            • 12 Jan 2009

                            koon, 12 Oct 2008samsung i200 is better than this...well if you compare the price you will see how this is the better phone.
                            This costs $120-$150 and the Samsung i200 costs $300.

                            What do you expect ???

                            There is plenty of phones and cost $300+ and are better but for this price you wont find another phone like this one.
                            Think before you type.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • LJB
                              • 03 Jan 2009

                              I'm very happy with my E72, for the price is really hard to find a better choice if your main interest is being connected via email, MSN, etc...and the camera was a pleasant surprise, is pretty good!..excellent phone...

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Nxs
                                • 02 Jan 2009

                                Anonymous, 20 Oct 2008I like the phone- there is no alternative for this price. B... moretry fring for skype,

                                it works on windows mobile phones

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                                  • rdt
                                  • uS%
                                  • 31 Dec 2008

                                  James Horne, 08 Dec 2008It look pretty stylish but before i buy it i need to know w... moreAs of now, no winmo 6.1 for this phone. Me, too, is waiting for 6.1 before i buy this cute phone.

                                    • M
                                    • Mike Pickles
                                    • pJg
                                    • 18 Dec 2008

                                    I bought a Benq E72 on EBay as a standby, easy to pocket second mobile,its very small easy but easy to use and to sync with my PC which meant I had all my contact phone numbers on tap within minutes, however what makes the Benq E72 impractical/unusable is the battery dies in day or less depending if you use it!

                                      • J
                                      • James Horne
                                      • mpe
                                      • 08 Dec 2008

                                      It look pretty stylish but before i buy it i need to know whether it works with Windows Mobile 6.1 can anyone shed some light?

                                        • J
                                        • James Horne
                                        • mpe
                                        • 08 Dec 2008

                                        Does it come in other colours???