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Had this phone for over two years, Good battery life, fairly durable. Screen/controls can activate and change settings during a call, esp if your face is sweaty and you move the phone around for comfort in the heat.
After two years of abuse, have finally managed to crack the screen, which brings me to my major gripe; the lack of cases and accessories. The case I was able to buy has done a good job of protection, but an otterbox or similar would have been better, and I probably wouldnt have a cracked screen.
Am considering another, more recent Benq, see how value for money stacks up.

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    • AnonD-575039
    • f}Q
    • 22 Aug 2016

    Anonymous, 27 Jun 2016how to screenshot this phpne..??Just press and hold power and -sound button

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      • Eugenio
      • Lw8
      • 21 Jul 2016

      Anonymous, 15 Mar 2016I bought this phone 1 month ago and I love it, the camera ... moreWhere in Mexico did you buy it? I live in Veracruz.

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        • Anonymous
        • vV5
        • 27 Jun 2016

        ROSLI, 13 Aug 2015i buy only 1 month and screen to screenshot this phpne..??

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          • Anonymous
          • vpH
          • 25 May 2016

          Does anyone know where to download Benq F5 custom rom, can't find anywhere on the net. Please help. I've got mine stocked on logo.

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            • fuad nesru
            • NXN
            • 09 Apr 2016

            BenQ F5 is number one for me

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              • ahmed
              • TC$
              • 01 Apr 2016

              serious buyer!!, 15 Mar 2016anyone here have benQ f5 can share thier experience?? yes i use benq f5 is good phone

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                • Anonymous
                • 8%0
                • 15 Mar 2016

                serious buyer!!, 15 Mar 2016anyone here have benQ f5 can share thier experience?? I bought this phone 1 month ago and I love it, the camera is amazing, the battery is huge I normally use it for 2 days, good memory, and the best part is the price, 100 dollars in Mexico

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                  • serious buyer!!
                  • HjA
                  • 15 Mar 2016

                  anyone here have benQ f5 can share thier experience??

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                    • zira
                    • f}Q
                    • 02 Mar 2016

                    ROSLI, 13 Aug 2015i buy only 1 month and screen problem..agreed!!

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                      • Azmi
                      • KZ8
                      • 24 Oct 2015

                      This phone is very good. I like it very much. Just the battery should 4000mh for long lasting. That's the con. The pro is camera 13mp, ram 2 gb wow, and lte 4g option. Good phone with good price. The company should change battery to 4000mh for longer time. I enjoy this phone very much.

                        Great phone, but on third day did a factory reset, phone lost it's IMEI.
                        company support sucks, so think twice before buying this, I might have lost my money here.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • L66
                          • 24 Sep 2015

                          LTE doesn't work. I checked that my phone company uses band supported by this device, I'm well within LTE coverage area and I have bought access to LTE from my phone company, so the problem must be with this poor quality phone.

                          Don't buy it if you want to use LTE!

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                            • hardtailscad
                            • bxd
                            • 07 Sep 2015

                            does this phone really have NFC bcoz i can't fine mine.....

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                              • ROSLI
                              • uCk
                              • 13 Aug 2015

                              i buy only 1 month and screen problem..

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                                • AnonD-126035
                                • 81L
                                • 29 Apr 2015

                                Anonymous, 24 Sep 2014most ugly UI on the planet! ughThis runs near "stock" Android and is about as close as you can get to a Nexus/Google Edition smartphone without actually buying one... Or put another way, you're getting the "vanilla" Android experience - Android with only the Google customizations (GMail, YouTube, Play Store, etc...).

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                                  • AnonD-126035
                                  • 81L
                                  • 29 Apr 2015

                                  irone_knight, 24 Dec 2014i just want to know how about battery performance?Well you're not going to get Sony Xperia Z2-performance out of this smartphone... But you can easily get through a "typical" day and even a heavy user would manage to get through most of a working day.

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                                    • AnonD-126035
                                    • 81L
                                    • 29 Apr 2015

                                    mikimi, 26 Feb 2015Anybody know how to take Screencap with this phone? It's either volume down+power or volume up+power... I can't remember and I don't have my smartphone handy.

                                    One will reset it (power-off and back on only), the other will take a screen-shot...

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                                      • Janusz
                                      • J8L
                                      • 27 Mar 2015

                                      Well, I had a problem with firmware and the company had no desire to soled it. While connecting the phone with PC, one wrong click will disable the menu and the system had to be reinstalled from scratch. My advice it to wait till new phone firmware.