BenQ M315

BenQ M315

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  • ramesh
  • TS8
  • 09 Dec 2010

i have benq m315 it is not switching on, so can some one help me

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    • mst4
    • 0Tk
    • 26 Jun 2009

    this is Siemens ap75

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      • Anonymous
      • wHr
      • 11 Oct 2007

      yah i agree it is kinda slow phone..

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        • Anonymous
        • TKv
        • 05 Oct 2007

        I bought this phone over a year ago and have had a few problems with it. The bluetooth doesn't connehct to phones, sometimes the keys dont work and the battery life is not very good. also,the camera is not very good at all and it is a very slow phone. Other than that, i really like it.

          • s
          • shinta
          • PSk
          • 23 Aug 2007

          could u help me to fix my benq m315? the LCD was blank till now..or could u tell me where to fix my benq phone?

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • PSM
            • 09 Apr 2007

            How much did u'll people pay for this phone??? i got it for only rs 3900....n wats it is actual price...or has the price of the cell fallen??

              • S
              • SK Misra
              • 2S@
              • 29 Mar 2007

              I find this phone good as for small size packed with many features. Camera is of no worth for other than shooting wall paper of your choice.

              Problem area is non availavility of accessories and support in places like Banglore and Chandigarh. If some one can find Data Cable somewhere please share location at

                • n
                • naboti
                • MuN
                • 13 Mar 2007

                I can't connect bluetooth to my headset.
                Clearly I followed all the instruction
                bearing no fruits.
                Someone to help me p'se.

                  • G
                  • G.ghosh
                  • wHu
                  • 31 Jan 2007

                  set is good of bnqu M315.ineeded servicecenter of kolkata

                    • C
                    • Carlton
                    • RCP
                    • 20 Jan 2007

                    I am very sorry to buy this Benq M315 I cannot turn on this mobile since two days.

                    It occure first time but some how it turn on But now I can't.

                    Please help me.

                      • g
                      • gringo
                      • Sd2
                      • 19 Jan 2007

                      yes, the bluetooth is only to be used with headsets. the phone doesn't find other bluetooth phones, only headsets, and other bluetooth phones can't find the benq m315... why does it have bluetooth anyway? haha

                        • T
                        • Tony
                        • RCP
                        • 16 Jan 2007

                        I bought Benq M315 in Dhaka, Gulshan buy shope not offer me headest blooth free, why?
                        no blooth is free at all for Dhaka.

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • UYm
                          • 19 Dec 2006

                          This fone looks cool but i heard the blutooth only works with the headset.
                          Can someone please tel me does it recieve pics by it.

                            • f
                            • frank
                            • PG{
                            • 29 Nov 2006

                            poor quality and very slow performance...most time I spent on it is 'waiting' for it to finish an operation...and then even worse, it died itself for no reason after being used for 8 months or so - cannot be turned on even when it's being charged(blue background light was contantly on though) and after battery replacement...A total useless hassle...negative negative negative...

                              • m
                              • maestro
                              • U2V
                              • 07 Nov 2006

                              Haven't had the phone for long, but i'm using it as a spare.
                              It's pretty good as a basic phone tough battery life is pretty weak, not sure why.
                              The camera is definitely not comparable with most of the other phones out in the market, so if you're looking for a good camera, stay away from the M315.
                              Accessories are also a hassle, as BenQ aren't very big, so it's hard to find replacements for any parts etc if needed.
                              I am also having similar problems with sending sms's, but i think it may be a result of low battery or low service, i'll have to investigate further to confirm.
                              If you're looking for a basic first phone, the M315 is certainly a bargain. It may not have fancy MP3 capability, but the ringtones are definitely loud, it offers other useful apps such as a stopwatch and a calculator as well.
                              The only thing it's lagging for a first phone is a FM Radio. NOTE: The M315 does NOT have a FM Radio.
                              I bought the M315 for under 100 AUD, you generally should get a free bluetooth headset, a wall charger, one battery and one BenQ M315 headset in the bundle. That is a real bargain.
                              As i said before, i'm only using this phone as a spare until i purchase a Nokia (most probably N80) or SE (looking at w850i).
                              This phone is rather user friendly, but I prefer Nokia's interface.

                              All in all, i'd give this phone a 6.5/10, losing points on the lack of support for the phone, non-MP3 capable and no FM Radio.
                              Points gain from extremely low price, free bluetooth headset bundled, loud ringtones and sturdy design.


                                • m
                                • maestro
                                • U2V
                                • 19 Oct 2006

                                it doesn't have FM Radio as stated in the specs. :) Making sure people know that.

                                  • A
                                  • Ashok
                                  • PSL
                                  • 18 Oct 2006

                                  Im having Benq M315 model with warranty, Lot of pbm with attend incoming call,make outgoing call,frequently no service msg(No tower signal even itz fully available compared with other phones) and automatically restart.Currently I am residing in bangalore/India.Pls let me know the service center in bangalore

                                    • a
                                    • ajay
                                    • 2ST
                                    • 25 Aug 2006

                                    i have been using a aset sincce 1 month.all sms sent from the set failed.will some one help me

                                      • B
                                      • Babu
                                      • PBj
                                      • 19 Aug 2006

                                      Can any1 tell- how long last the battery
                                      after full charge??
                                      I purchesed this mob day B4 yesterday.
                                      with in 15hrs charge has run it a
                                      prob of the battery or a permanent prob
                                      of this mobile?? Pls let me know....


                                        • P
                                        • Preetam
                                        • RKe
                                        • 07 Aug 2006

                                        I have purchased this phone recently. It is a nice phone. But it does not have FM Radio as mentioned in its specifications.