BenQ S670C

BenQ S670C

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  • gagan

hey where i can find the battery of this classic mobi

  • parth

ma 1st phone in ma life which was gve to my Father in 10th class. Awesome phone at tht time. (sexy nd cool look ) i ever hve

  • veer

i want to buy this phone,so plz give me any contact no so i can buy this cell.

  • mona

how can i access the internet service from my fone?
can someone please help me???

  • karishma

hey anne...... if u want to transfer the photos frm ur cell to ur pc.... u must have received a data cord wid the cellfone (when u purchased), u just need to connect the cord wid the port on the computer and then run the program which is on the cd (one which u got when u purchased the cell-fone).
u can refer to the manual which must* be there in .pdf format on the cd.....
and the cellfone wont break when it will fall, but yes.... it will get some scratches ;)

  • Anne Marie

I want to download pictures from my mobile to my pc. Can anyone help me?

  • Anonymous

i just want to know if it is resistible like if youdrop it on the floor will it break?

  • chris

pls... someone could help me my benq s670c cannot send/recieve a massge but it can call... other phones!!!!!!

  • Jennifer

pls there is no much space for this phone's camera,it doesn't contain enough

  • vero

hi i canĀ“t transfer my pic to my pc... where i can get the program because doestn work my installation cd

  • zed

Hi, i have a ben Q S670C,how do i transfer the pic from the phone to my computer.
> plz reply me on my e-mail address.

  • Nitesh

While I try to switch on the camera feature, it shows a message reading "Camera Initialiazation Failed". Plz tell me what I should do. It has been just three dayz I bought BenQ S670C. I will be happy to receive your answers. Thank you

  • Chanan Suwannarat

I buy a phone BenQ S670C , but I don't know how to have my pictures transfered on my computer .I read the phone book ,but i don't understand.Maybe I am fool. Thank you.

  • angry about benq

i don't have OTA on my benq u have?pls reply i'll b very happy


when i enter a URL it doesn't opens instead i receive a message"forbidden" and moreover the external surface gets scratch so easily.

  • koka

hi, i bought benq S670C mobile. i dont know how to connect it to PC and upload/ download songs and ringtones from/to PC. can anyone help me.

  • Deep

Hi...I have been usning this phone for 10 months now...its a good value phone and has the features as listed by others. But some of the problems in it are-
1. The external surface gets too easily scratched and so looks bad after a month.
2. The camera should have been placed on the flap and not the base as one has to tilt the phone to take pics.
3. The pic quality is ok in bright/normal light but blurry in low light even in the night mode.
4. The speaker volume is low.
5. The UI is slow and it gets slower when typing in messages as the number of messages in the inbox increases. So, you have to frequently download/delete messages from your inbox.
6. A very serious flaw I have noticed is that - if you are looking at the call details of one person and another person rings up at that time, then the phone shows the name of the person whose call details you were viewing !!

  • bbbb

the usb cable goes where the handsfree goes same point

  • bogdan

good fone, but where the usb cable goes in?!?!

  • sana

can anyone tell me howz the camera of this phone????m300 takes good pictures what about this??