BenQ-Siemens C81

BenQ-Siemens C81

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  • Anonymous
  • Sq1
  • 01 Oct 2022

Not comment since 2009

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    • priyanga
    • v{t
    • 21 Jul 2009

    I'm using this phone science 2007. still its works good. sometimes it get stuck but it will recover soon. that is the only prob i had so far.

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      • nikola
      • 0xh
      • 09 May 2009

      this phone sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        • Balcanero
        • n}F
        • 20 Nov 2008

        This phone has good design, but teribile performances.

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          • bozjan
          • Mtr
          • 23 Jun 2008

          phone suck! it doesn't have any cool options... and all time system on mobile broke... hy from croatia!!!

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            • Zeuhl
            • 0x6
            • 09 Jan 2008

            This phone rules.It does not have spectacular design,and the basic software needs upgrade,but when you upgrade it,this phone rules,for that price you wont get a better mobile phone.If you want lots of phone for not so much of money,buy this one and you will not regret.The only flaw is software needs upgrading but that is all.Solid camera,mp3,128 MB MMC card,quality screen,nice finish,lots of phone for quite moderate sum of money.

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              • dj TK
              • 0xi
              • 22 Dec 2007

              this phone sucks, it jams without any reason, then u have to turn in off and on again. i would recomend it to my worst enemy to buy it. simens has gone down after c45 phones

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                • XtraPHreak
                • 0xi
                • 13 Oct 2007

                Every time i try to photograph with my c81 a window appears and says : "Not possible to photograph", or something like that...
                What to do? PLS ANSWER ON

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                  • blackky
                  • 0uM
                  • 12 Sep 2007

                  tha camera is far better than S65.i love the phone.but how can i get E71 or CL 71.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Sc1
                    • 27 Aug 2007

                    Alexandru Petre - camera is not so bad. It's the same like cx75, maybe a bit better indoor. Problem is, that colors at outdoor pictures are not true, especially green is too strong.

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                      • megabyte
                      • mMX
                      • 21 Aug 2007

                      Nice phone. Elegant look, loads of functions, good camera. The only thing that I don't like is the fact that the software is bad. I mean BAD. It makes me feel like I'm using Windows 95. It keeps on crashing!

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                        • Alexandru Petre
                        • b$2
                        • 13 Aug 2007

                        Is the camera of C81 so bad? Is it worse than Siemens S65?
                        Please answer if you know because I'm thinking to buy this phone.
                        Many thanks.

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                          • insekt
                          • msm
                          • 14 Jun 2007

                          i have a problem with the bluetooth...if anyone can help me.I can't recive audio files olny from some type of phones for example if its nokia i can recive pictures but i can't recive mp3...from motorola...i recived an mp3 2 hours later didn't work...what is the problem if anybody knows.pls

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                            • Simon
                            • nuV
                            • 22 Apr 2007

                            I have this phone since about 9 months and it's a really good phone. Battery depends on usage but it lasts really long. When I forgot to take it with me on a 9 day trip it was still on when I came back, even though I had many missed calls and messages received during that time. I usually recharge it every 3-4 days but I message and play quite a lot. It's a great phone. I'm amazed that it's so cheap. I highly reccomend it to everyone.

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                              • Sunny
                              • nCL
                              • 17 Apr 2007

                              please! please!! how long does the battery last? anyone, please... i love the phone, looks great, has a lot of good features, but the battery.. i read a lot of reviews and people say it`s done in 2-3 days, given you don`t use it too much..

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                                • azzaman77
                                • Mtr
                                • 04 Apr 2007

                                is there any-1 that have this phone more than 6-7 months, how does it works now, is the mask (PVC) quality as it was, and battery,, it still works fine??
                                I'm abuot to buy it so I wonder..
                                you may fell free to mail me with info..
                                CRO-rules.. Brod-LIVADA!!

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                                  • mikiomis
                                  • mV2
                                  • 23 Mar 2007

                                  this is to gooooooooooood mobile.i like it,also i have se k750i and only camera is beter of this.

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                                    • Johan
                                    • pWX
                                    • 10 Mar 2007

                                    Like all mobile phones the software that is from the factory is the one to prefer. But as time is, most of the phones are unlocked, unbranded and that makes chaos in the software. This is not only Siemens, but also all other brands...

                                      • L
                                      • Laura
                                      • Nxs
                                      • 26 Feb 2007

                                      I just got the C81 and have been searching about how to update the firmware, but haven't found how on the siemens website or anywhere else. Can anyone help? The phone came with "services over air" instructions, but when I go to phone settings>device manager> there is not a software update profile as the brochure says there should be.

                                      Also, have weird problem where the phone periodically says it can't play certain media files (i.e. the ringtone I've assigned for sms) but resorts to the annoying default "message" one, until I power the phone on & off & it starts to play the sound I prefer. Any suggestions?

                                      thanks, laura

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                                        • tomo
                                        • prM
                                        • 21 Feb 2007

                                        this mobile is number one for me.
                                        mp3 is very good, but camera can be better.
                                        viva Croatia !!!!