BenQ-Siemens CL71

BenQ-Siemens CL71

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  • Mona
  • pcn
  • 09 Oct 2007

Weel I thing this phone is good and i love it.But whats happening with speakers.They arent very pure.Anyway I love my phone very much and it has very good options...

    • d
    • dondie
    • w0Q
    • 27 Aug 2007

    it's loaded but you'll surely drain the battery, charging the battery is all you'll ever do.

      • r
      • rashid
      • F4p
      • 22 Aug 2007

      worst phone i ever had. Good display, music & camera but extreemly slowwwwwwwwwwww.hard to search contact or open any menu. every time when i am using this phone feels like i am testing my passions.Morever here in Singapore not good suport available. difficult to buy accessories

        • m
        • manasse
        • UDN
        • 17 Jul 2007

        beautiful design. but low performance.
        however, i ll try to love it, coz it is mine now :(

          • K
          • Kujtim
          • n4W
          • 05 Jul 2007

          it is very beautifyl phone

            • o
            • observer
            • wrh
            • 28 Jun 2007

            hi all..
            my opinion after using CL71:

            1.Stylish design
            2.Great in display
            3.Hands free sound just but great on earphone
            4.Good camera result(scale 6,7 out of 10)

            1.Slow startup
            2.Durability on flexible cable is poor (i have to change this in 6 months)

            1.treat the slider carefully
   out from the water on the front cover,because the gap between keys on the front makes water easily come in to back cover.

            that just my personal opinion.


              • A
              • Abdullah Al Mamun
              • PGZ
              • 23 Jun 2007

              I would like to say that it's a low performance mobile phone. I bought it by high price before 4 months back, and it's already disturbing. but at same price I may have a nokia or siemens that is more better than CL71. I will appriciate it there is any options to replace the mobile phone. I want to chage it cause it's not a good one.

                • N
                • Nick
                • iCN
                • 06 Jun 2007

                Can someone answer me on the question? If J buy memory card with 512 MB, would my phone work slower? tnx

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • 2SV
                  • 14 May 2007

                  network is very very poor . otherwise it is a very good phone .

                    • A
                    • Ak. Rodax
                    • kH@
                    • 08 May 2007

                    U can use this fone as a pendrive. Any kind of file or data can be kept in the 'Others' folder and carry them to other computer or send it via bluetooth or MMS. Both microSD and phone memory can be used for pendrive.

                      • Q
                      • Qemal
                      • wr7
                      • 03 May 2007

                      it's very nice music phone, mine have upgraded into 512MB MSD, for me enough, taking 15minutes video on phone makes u tired. but disturb on sms report, disappearing destination number, some one have another experience?

                        • M
                        • Mr.Trouble
                        • T2$
                        • 01 May 2007

                        Hay, How can I rewind/forward songs (MP3/WMA or others) ? When i play songs from Media centre , there shows rewind/forward icon, but pressing left or right navi. key doesnt do that. Plz help me, plz.....Plz.......Mail me

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • nTt
                          • 12 Apr 2007

                          Which one is better? The el71 or this one? Main diferences between these two and batery capacity

                            • d
                            • dissatisfied
                            • PDS
                            • 04 Apr 2007

                            Unfortunately my CL 71 is having network problems here in Bangladesh. I have been told my the customer service personal that similar complain came from some other users in the county who lose and regain network where the same SIM card works fine on other sets during winter. If the phone is not suited for Bangladeshi winter we should have the option of changing it or replacing it with another BenQ-Siemens set. I would like appropriate authorities to look into the matter.

                              • T
                              • Ton frost
                              • j2C
                              • 31 Mar 2007

                              I have a ques. When i select a bltooth device, Tools>Bltooth>Devices>Options>Send files>Composer,-What is it? I ve found no composer in ths fone. Please write. Why i cant set my favourite tone as msg. alert tone? I have found more frames in the soft. Tool given with the package. Can i add there to the cam? How? Another thing, can i connect external flashlight with it? Any1 used? I cant save bookmarks in the browser . When i switch the fone off, it vanishes. Is the browser defective? Plz helpppppp......Im in trouble. Thanx 2 all..Bye ..Plz keep my request......

                                • S
                                • Sujan
                                • j2C
                                • 26 Mar 2007

                                Greets 2 all....this package includes a FM headset...The body of ths fone is metalic. Here in Bangladesh i ve found Bangla language. In it. But i cant write bangla...Good fone,good interface, good features....But i think its manual is not complete..

                                  • H
                                  • Happy user
                                  • j2C
                                  • 21 Mar 2007

                                  Hi gues....Its good for music lovers like me...Listening mp3 with headset with 3D sound makes me excited...! Nd i can convert mp3 to WMA using Windows movie maker..WMA sound is soft nd vol. is high. I can also send E mail through MMS. Extremly stylish...Ya...Its good 4 me. Bye

                                    • j
                                    • jay
                                    • ij5
                                    • 20 Mar 2007

                                    this' phone is great.....with small cost of course

                                      • U
                                      • User of CL71
                                      • jLB
                                      • 11 Mar 2007

                                      Hi can i update my soft.version of ths fone? Whats the vrson?.anybdy plz help...! To mamli, its sound quality is bettes with 3D sound.

                                        • h
                                        • hoangtien
                                        • wuk
                                        • 10 Mar 2007

                                        imo CL71 is the same with E61 and CF61, but with more beautiful interface, dat's all