BenQ-Siemens E52

BenQ-Siemens E52

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  • Anonymous
  • tDP
  • 15 Jun 2020

The annoying thing about this phone is you can't store more than 100 songs on your playlist

    Actually like the design

      Precious for a 2006/2007 standard.

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        • Mitak
        • 3FJ
        • 11 Feb 2019

        My precious

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          • Q_vn fone
          • H0r
          • 30 Sep 2012

          this model is to slow. but it very hard to broke it!

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            • Anonymous
            • Sfa
            • 29 Oct 2009

            it looks completly like SE v600i...

              • x
              • xxx
              • txE
              • 22 Apr 2009

              I regret to buy this phone... Gosh, it's so slow... I need to send data to my friend... And I used bluetooth... And you know, we spent about 10 mins just to send 1 file..!

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                • Saryu
                • uCj
                • 27 Feb 2009

                it's so sad,, siemens has its glorius time,,, the reason why they cant keep in this business is they don't really give much thought of wat people's want.. they just simply make all phone with the same spec (which all basic while other phone moving forward to wat people wanted).. then when they combine with BenQ, they keep repeating the same mistakes.. the design is sumwhat better but the spec they gifing is not satisfying.. they lost it >"

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                  • Ghielz
                  • wrh
                  • 20 Aug 2008

                  I'm not satisfy in buying this phone, i'm regret, this phone is very poor.

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                    • Tarkus
                    • TIE
                    • 21 Jul 2008

                    While the design is acceptable, its not very freindly and there are limitations to the software. Saving retrieving is slooow. I still prefer what my earlier Sony Ericsson K530i (which I lost) could do. Donno why I rushed to get this phone in Vietnam. Anyone can point me to where I can get a manual in English?. Thanks

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                      • GIGEL
                      • nye
                      • 28 Jun 2008

                      Lord, 13 Oct 2007BenQ has destroyed siemens agreed!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • mA%
                        • 03 Feb 2008

                        It`s look like an V600i SE.

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                          • robocop
                          • ijn
                          • 03 Nov 2007

                          Just bought this phone, feature is actually standar plus some additonal point such as auto on/off, voice recording (just like answering machine). But, this phone also really stupid, to find a name you must search by scrolling, cant do by name search, and phone reaction is really slow, may be the memory for the phone is really small to do its job.

                            • L
                            • Lord
                            • n2J
                            • 13 Oct 2007

                            BenQ has destroyed siemens

                              • c
                              • cartoon addict
                              • UD%
                              • 22 Sep 2007

                              boring phone in my opinion. even two year old phones of Nokia and SE have equivalent features. Since BenQ-Siemens aren't getting much attention, why not merge their company with Alcatel. hence BenMeTel... lol!

                                • j
                                • jeng3
                                • EqV
                                • 03 Sep 2007

                                nokia wannabe!!!

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                                  • what the
                                  • PP$
                                  • 19 Aug 2007

                                  So can someone please explain to me why anyone would buy this phone? Maybe if they released it 2 years ago it would be alright. But by todays standards this is a dinosaur phone.

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                                    • prast
                                    • RKf
                                    • 16 Aug 2007

                                    siemens was the best at once.. when i use s45 the feature was excellent.. but they lost the coloured screen and mobile camera technology to others.. no wonder real madrid didnt use benq siemens logo anymore.. thought i still kept my s45..

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • pVL
                                      • 07 Aug 2007

                                      pak ta6ak

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • mDu
                                        • 18 Jul 2007

                                        Eastern Europe...sorry:)