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BenQ-Siemens SL91

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  • Mr. Nobody
  • nnW
  • 27 Jul 2010

Guys, i was the owner of one sl91, i was the best phone ever, best looking and certainly the best of the siemens phones. I bought it very cheap from a guy that didnt know what he had, and after a few monts sold it. but till today i regreat for this phone. the only thing i can say is that i saw one on ebay and wanted to buy it again. But still no luck, because they dont ship to my country. So, will keep loking for one ;-)

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    • russia brazil
    • TSD
    • 21 Apr 2009

    Anonymous, 08 Aug 2008it's so sad that siemens doesn't exist any more! :(i love benq siemens and it is very sad dat it doesnt wxist anymire=(((((((((((( i wish they at least release benq siemens black box=))

      • o
      • omg
      • m2x
      • 13 Jan 2009

      omg this phone is so expensive in latvia its 290-400 ls :D

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        • Dario
        • mVi
        • 09 Jan 2009

        This phone is Cancelled.

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          • Anonymous
          • 4@}
          • 30 Dec 2008

          I only see this phone on internet,I could not find it in many countries I have been to.
          Any way nothing is like the original siemens and not Benq and not any.....

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            • Anonymous
            • Mrs
            • 27 Dec 2008

            Anonymous, 08 Aug 2008it's so sad that siemens doesn't exist any more! :(Yes thats true.... very sad.

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              • Christopher
              • wr6
              • 17 Aug 2008

              The design... very interesting...

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                • Anonymous
                • 0CY
                • 08 Aug 2008

                it's so sad that siemens doesn't exist any more! :(

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                  • Fattah
                  • 0ap
                  • 08 Aug 2008

                  that is the best! that is my first choice.
                  SIEMENS has the best design & price

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                    • DeLLow
                    • mSA
                    • 26 Apr 2008

                    I live in Denmark, and we dont have that phone here... Im so sad about that because for the first time I saw this phone on the internet I just felt in love with the design... They said that it would come to denmark october 2006 but it never did... I hope they will start selling those types of phones in europe again....:(

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                      • Sanaseeri
                      • 0BD
                      • 17 Apr 2008

                      i`m a siemens user ..i used the sl75 and the 2 others befor it .. am in love with that style
                      as far as i know .. the only phone i ever seen who can put a ring tone for a msg to each one in ur phonebook..and miss calls and ect all 100 now its 10 !! y :(

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                        • gnimelf
                        • Sc1
                        • 01 Apr 2008

                        mmd, did you notice BenQ Mobile bankrupcy in 2006 ? ;-)

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                          • Abilio Marinho
                          • vCF
                          • 22 Mar 2008

                          one Bemq-Siemens SL 91 b new to Australia tank

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                            • Abilio Marinho
                            • vCF
                            • 21 Mar 2008

                            0ne Benq-Siemens SL 91 to Australia

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                              • 0@7
                              • 19 Feb 2008

                              cominig soon means when we will build time machine in 2708 we will return backwards to 2006 to bring it And then we will return returned whit this phone back to 2078... aha !

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                                • hatrox
                                • M4x
                                • 08 Feb 2008

                                That phone reminds me of Duke Nukem Forever,lol

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                                  • mmd
                                  • mD7
                                  • 28 Jan 2008

                                  what's that mean?
                                  "Coming soon"
                                  2006 !!!!!!!!

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                                    • builder
                                    • puu
                                    • 22 Nov 2007

                                    Hello everybody,that's my first post here,and sorry for my not good english...I recently became a SL91 ownerLucky meAnyway,I have 2 questions(for now):
                                    1.Does SL91 have A2DP profile?I've read many times on internet that it has,but I have Plantronics Pulsar 590 stereo headset.I used it without problems with many other phones.I pair it with SL91,then click "Connect",and the phone and headset are connected.Then I start the Music player,and the music sounds from the phone speaker only.No sound in the headphones.In the Player menu there is no option "Play via bluetooth headset" or something like that....Anyone who have the phone can help me?
                                    2.My phone has BL_R9_6394_0 bootloader,SVN 10, firmware name SL91_uk-UKRetail-PostPay_10_0023
                                    Of course I tried to update the firmware,I downloaded 2 different de_BRDHAndel v18 and v22 3Gswup.
                                    I start the process,it say "backing up BRT",then "backing up CVN" and then process stops - "Error during backing up CVN".I tried again,restarting the PC,and the phone,same message with both firmwares....Please someone can explain what goes wrong?

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                                      • Abilio Marinho
                                      • U2{
                                      • 03 Nov 2007

                                      1 Benq-Siemens SL91 from Australia

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                                        • Orn
                                        • P@U
                                        • 03 Nov 2007

                                        it's really sad this would have been a best seller by BQS IMHO,no retail units just some prototypes at ebay