BenQ Z2

BenQ Z2

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  • Anonymous

This phone design is like the Nokia

  • Anonymous

is there available batery and charger in the market in the philippines

  • yoyo

i thought this is makeup kit

  • Anonymous

this is ridiculous. :p

  • rody

interesting design...excentric

  • wink

is this a phone?.....ew..i think its a designer's worst style ever!

  • Pips

The very best sound recording telephone of all time!

  • Anonymous

Did they try to recreate the romany cream?

  • jin

i cant believe benQ paid the designer of this phone

  • sohaib

Shoot the Designer, Shoot the Designer...phuleezzz!!!

  • Anonymous

ugly ugly ugly!

  • bennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Good cameraaaaaa, but where is the phoneeeeeeeeee ???????????

  • DIrrif

Does anybody know how much addition MiniSD memory can be added on? I was reading an article that said the miniSD slot allowed 512MB, but I'm hoping it can do higher.

  • muzammil

this mobile was really very cute and handy too.....i liked to use it...thanks for the Ben Q company for producimng this model....

  • Anonymous

looks like a camera. thought it was ment to be a phone!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

the gash fest continues

  • ??????

As bad as ginger management!

  • lila

i think this phone is very lovely and quite amusing,but it very expensive

  • Freestyler

Haha. :)) Looks like a digital picture frame if you ask me. :))

  • Artanis

It's very small and useful. When lost because of small size and carelessness, you can target it to your friend after he/she found it.