Bird A120

Bird A120

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  • Jess

I got this phone 4 christmas i know how to use it but i need to know how to call people and dont show my number cos it looks great i love it except of my calls and messages dont tell me who they are from

Please help me


  • Sammie

i give it a 9/10

  • Sammie

Can someone plz tell me how to send and recieve picture messages. and also i dunno how to conect to da internet it always cums up with network failure...but other than that it is a fantastic fone, i just luv it...i havnt had any problems with it at all!!!

  • Marshai

Hey, can anyone please tell me where i can get ringtones for this phone?
My personal opinion is that this phone is for ppl who just want to call people.. the technology sucks and it is slow as

  • fenyx

is it really true that the inbox doesn't show the names of whoever sent you the SMS, only the numbers? I'm considering to buy this buy since it is the cheapest clam-shell type camera phone here (around US$100).

  • Meg

I hate this phone. Got it for xmas and i cant stand it, it looks nice and all but i have yet to find a site that lets you dowload ringtones onto it and the camera is so bd wouldnt advise it ay

  • dan

the bird A120 is over all a good phone.
some say that the camera is bad but i think it's no different to other really expensive phones!
the features are good and are easy to use, although for some people who arn't up to scrach with this technology it might be a bit difficult,but thats why there is a bird A120 guide witch is fairly easy to follow!
this phone is slim and stillish and very compact!typing a message is easy and quick, i've had it for two days now and i would have to give it a 7/10.

  • Amy

I don't know quite what to make of it, i got it for christmas, it seems a tad flimsy and very slow - i can't work out wether i like it or not. and is it just me or does it have the ringtone "understanding in a car crash" by thursday on it?

How odd.

  • capp

it is an awsome phone i think if u wanna fone get this one. who cares what type of fone it is a fone is a fone

  • Annabuu

I'm considering buying this phone, but throughout the different opinions I've read here, none of them have really told me the advantages and disadvantages of this phone.
Could someone please let me know why this phone should/should not be bought specifically?
Some people say the camera is crap, some say it's good. Some people say that it's a really good phone, some people say it's a complete waste. Some people say that you can't tell who's messeged you (!?!?!?) some people don't make a complaint about that.

Could someone please be a bit more specific?
I haven't been able to find any reviews on this phone at all. Only the people who own it will be able to help me. Sorry. Don't mean to sound rude or demanding. =]

  • laxman

this is the madessest phone it aint good in featyres but this a good beginneres phone the thing says cif camera but its really vga well my bird a120 is vga

  • supportboy

This is one of the worst phones ever made on this planet. I work for a major phone providers support in Australia. The phone has had constant problems since being released. Never ever by this phone. If it is a gift, decline it. Save yourself the hassle. Bin it, don't by it.

  • Cassie

I saw this phone in a shop and I am planning to get it. But I am not sure if its worth it or not. Any ideas? Thanks

  • dante

can any one tell me how to get ringtones as well as changing the cover if possible..


  • Tosin Tubi

its cool to have it when working. but what do i do cos mine got a soft waare problem

  • jess

how can you download ringtones they all dont work

  • megs

i think it looks like a pretty cool phone but its not all that practicle. how do i c whu is sending the message to me in my inbox?

  • sally

i am useing the a120 and where do the mms pic save 2 when u save them

  • jan

can someone please tell me a short cut to the fullstop function?

  • Bobby_010

I think that it si a good phone it just takes a little getting used to, the reception is not all that good but over all i like it.
I may get another mob when this one gives up but untill then i am happy with it