Bird D615

Bird D615

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You gotta admit, the design looks pretty cool

  • Justin Arboleda

Not a big deal

  • Anonymous

yes...solid phone. had it for 1.5 years and not one problem. bluetooth excellent

  • cobra

can this mobile flash up to change the bands to 850 and 1900

  • cjschrissouth

What does the phones audio output as? whats the connector? I need new headphoes

  • namal

how to change phpne setting

  • beaufighter

Great phone, no problems at all. Quickly enabled all my bluetooth apps and easy to navigate. i replaced my Nokia 2360 with this Sagem and I prefer the Sagem. The one I bought was a "boost" mobile and I just stuck in my Optus sim with no problems. Great price... $91 at Dick Smith Powerhouse.

  • jason

this phone is cool for my

  • Anonymous

i have it but the scrren is too small and its got only 1024kb for java apps whice is limiting and it droped in price in Aus $129 now

  • Erk

Ooops!! They forget to stop when they painted the cover so the screen is also done.

  • shrek412

Does this phone has JSR-82 Bluetooth API?
PLS reply....

  • Anonymous

im using this fone, screen is bit small, but it's good and cheap.

  • Perth Girl

This phone is cool but screen is too small the cam is not very clear lyk otha 1.3 megapixel phones and in perth it's sold with games to make it nicer also the screen is too sensative and i like the mp3 shortcut button and i got the gry and black 1 wich got badly scratched

  • sam

this phone isnt very good it gets scrtched really easily and is hard to see wats on the screen wen out side.
Plus can anyone help me get songs off the computer coz wenever i get a song, on my phone it just has a question mark next to it, wat do i do

  • Anonymous

it scarches to easlly and the screen it a bit low res

  • Anonymous

im having trouble with the actual hearing ppl talk.. its like the sound is too peircing.. n the person on the other end is too distant.. can anyone help me how to fix this solution. is there any software about to rectify the sound quality of hearing the person talking to me?

  • Cal

I Agree With Ben

  • Me

this phone is cool screen a
bit small but it is good

  • Anonymous


  • Stewbert

This phone looks cheap feels cheap and is cheap the performance is guess what.....? CHEAP!!!!!!!!