Bird D680

Bird D680

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  • anulicious

seems aight

  • Anonymous

visualfreeeekza said "just a good phone" AGREE!!This fon is really good ! but the name "Bird"....

  • visualfreeekza

just a good phone with good features ,,,

  • Jessy

this phone is really cool guys ... my baby drowned it in the water but it still works just fine. i've it for 3 years now and it sure worth the money, i dont care if its menu is sony ericsson's or wtever.

  • LoL

I think this kind of "Bird"-phones are for little kids (for first own phone). They are cheap and "look cool".

  • birdeater

someone should be out of their minds to buy bird mobile phones. by the way what a name for a mobile.

  • Anonymous

Trying To Steal Sony Ericssons Thunder by copying their Menu Interface, how worthless.

  • Tina


  • Cingular

well, that's a pitty if they cant keep what they go, SE is known worldwide, but "Bird"..

  • simon

another poor effort no wonder these companies are not big players in the phone market,give up and leave to the big boys.

  • mobilefreak

what a name for a mobile phone. they should thought of naming fish. poor quality phones. i pity those why buy bird phones.

  • birdman

Bird make the best phones on the market. It's a pity SE ripped off their menu system. Bird are the originators. SE are the copycat rip-off Bird wannabes.

  • North Gate

a sony ericsson cloned menu, and by the way i have a typical name for the company rather than "bird" it's "parrot"

  • ana tucker

weird design for a flip phone...

  • Faisel

Oh damn, once the Major Mobile companies find out that they have imposter fones behind their backs, they are gonna flip, damn and it's been long and they still haven't found out unless Bird made these fones under some circumstances, right?

  • Pukis

Wake up Bird,this this functions equiped phone u go stright to bankrupt:P

  • Anonymous

yea! isnt that menu from sony ericsson???

  • simon

if this is the best you have to offer,call it a day and leave phones to somebody with ideas.

  • karth

is that the menu from sony ericsson?