Bird D736

Bird D736

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  • Anonymous

cani use gprsmodem bu pc

  • Anonymous


  • BManey

These appear to make excellent detonators for terrorist bombs, as can be seen in international news recently.

  • Anonymous

Me like this phone very much. Me want to buy now. Where I buy from? Prehaps Bundaberg?

  • Anonymous

#1 you cant get this phone anywhere
#2 its not good at all
#3 its probably overpriced and this company doesnt have ANY retailers

  • catalina

this sort of advertising is misleading customers.
waste of valuable time and money.
It does not have bluetooth.
Customers want to know about the product they are buying.
Not false advertising.
Kind regards, always doing the best for the buying community. (; Catalina
xxx LOL

  • haha

cat, 10 Jan 2008I got one of these phones and its absolutely amazing, and it doe... moreLOL. no this phone does NOT have bluetooth.
why would your phone be so special to everyone elses?

  • :)

this is a pretty good phone.
its a good mp3 phone but has no bluetooth,
which doesnt bother me but it probs will bother
heaps of other people. i find it has really
good reception, as my last motorola phone
didnt really.. i can talk anywhere in the
house now rather than going outside! :)
its pretty unique & works well. i like it. :)


  • Anonymous

I have had my Bird A120 for 3 1/2 years now. Just before it's 1st birthday it stopped working and I sent it in to be fixed because it was still covered by the warranty. It has only recently started freezing and the screen goes blue (note, it is 3 1/2 years old!!).

It has served me well, but Bird make cheap 'feature-less' basic phones so if you want something super cool don't get a Bird phone.


  • Anonymous

no blutooth, wats the np code?

  • Anonymous

ok camera was good has bluetoth you can use it alot good storage

  • Anonymous

This phone aint too bad, its quite simple to use. Although I do wish the camera was a little better. It's pretty robust (so I have found). I've dropped it countless times (once in the sea) and it still goes! So, I'm pretty happy with it.

  • James

This is the worst phone I have ever seen. Pathetic build quality, a poor range of features and cheap price tag result in this bird waste of space.

  • Anonymous

I like this phone...
Although it doesnt have bluetooth
it doesnt really bother me.
The media player is pretty good.
The reception i find is really good
anywhere. The camera is pretty good.
Over all its a good phone.
Its not the best, but for its price it was
really good.

  • f

so this phone has no blue tooth or infa red?

  • ashish

hey guys i have bird e810 .can anbody tell where can i find the driver for it

  • Anonymous

its ok ..doesn't have blootube.. mm had bad speakers but otherwise gud

  • Cheese

My one of these played cricket against india and lost. Terrible.

Speaker is awesome though.

  • age

does this phone have a good speaker for playing music???????

  • Cleatus

If your looking for a phone that will tow your car, this ain't one but it will do everything else you ask of it.