Bird M08

Bird M08

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  • sorry, can't tell...

heyyyyy...i comletely agree with shannon...and it breaks easily too, my aunt had a bird M08 and she broke it the next month....besides i think birds useless...they NEVER make anything cool, like nokia, sony sricsson, motorola or samsung...come on, "bird"s , get a life and why dont u just fly away!!??

  • shannon

I had this was easy to use but I hated it!!!!!!!!! never get this phone. i gave it to charity

  • dr_martin

I am Marcin. I have one question to You. How big (Megabytes) MINI SD card can I use with BIRD M08 Phone? Please write to my email adress or here. Thanks!

  • Marcin

Best phone I ever had.! :)

  • I am

Guys this celphone is really really nice,I loved this desing,just it............... Am I annoying the post opinion? I know Im not...........

  • gaz87

is this the new BIRD? wow, i could do with a new BIRD...

  • craig

wat can i say i dont think any1 has eva herd ov this make let alone brought one

  • rc

what can i say

memory without connectivity