Bird S1160 Plus

Bird S1160 Plus

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  • Vipan

My first phone...What a beautiful n brilliant phone...I remember all memories...Just want to feel in hand again

  • Anonymous

i used this phone my dad give it to me as a birthday gift
i love this phone games forever

  • hello kitty

hahaha..i remember my classmate when i was in school when i see this phone,what a memories of past :)

  • macpee

My first phone ever. Its loud, light, its elegant and its clear. It reminds me of my past memories. It reminds me of my friends in those days. Nice phone.

  • Anonymous

mujer, 24 Mar 2008i have this phone before but it was stollen, anywayz im from phi... morei love this..were same my cp also got stolen

  • mujer

i have this phone before but it was stollen, anywayz im from philippines and i didnt know were to buy this phone. bec keep searching but cant find any.. is this phone still available? i realy love this phone

  • Apraku Baah Joseph

I have a problem with my phone when ever i call the the phone will say supplementary service rejected. please help me with it.

  • nellie

how to download ringtones??? i'm looking forward for your respones..tnx!!! txt me at+639206420523

  • peter

pls i want to ask,my bird s1160has a problem.the problem is when i open the flip there will be network on the phone,but if i close the flip there will be no network.i will be gratefull if you give me e number+2348077581016

  • Oyinloye

Using bird is a nice life time enjoyment,the only problem i had is that when the call me i wont be able to recieve it.and it as affect alot of my life and businessand i hope you help find a solution to it.


Can you please tell me whether i can use a handsfree.I will be greatful if i get the feedback as soon as possible.

  • AVE

how to download ringtones??? i'm looking forward for your respones..tnx!!! here's my no. 639287302222

  • Lil' Vince

I love the phone. 'Tis cool and sleek. My main problem is that when I want to bar all outgoing calls it prompts me to put the Password of which I dont know. Please send me the password the soonest so that i continue enjoying the services of BIRD.


Lil' Vince

  • timmy

I agree with Sara. The phone is not for the games, camera, MMS,... as long as you have calling and SMS.

  • Sara

Bought this phone last year, and the functions are good enough. Don't expect too much features. You can't use pic message and ringtone download here, but all in all, it's quite ok for calling and for SMS

  • emely

same with other person who post there opinion we have a same problem it was locked only to other network and cant downloads a ringtones and cant revieced a pic messages oh what a lowtech cell

  • Srikanth Veturi

Well! I am using this from last 1 year. It's good especially hand's free. But there is only one problem there is no download ring tones facility. I am using BPL Cellular connection. Can anybody help me how to download ring tones to my mobile. And tell me the bird official website.

  • vIEn

i bought bird s1150+ thinking i would get discount from other units of cp...guess what? after a few weeks of use it does not work anymore...the only thing i did was subscribe in an unlimitted call promo and after that it doesn't recharge anymore. now my problem is how to avail the warranty...=(

  • Mar

my Bird S1150 had its outside call limit reached. did you guys know how to address this problem?

  • lany

i've got the same problem 'bout Bird S1150, downloading a ringtone... can you please send me a a free ringtone or even just a copy of any top downloadable ringtone please?!...