Bird S1190

Bird S1190

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  • peter patrick udoutu

i bought a bird s1190 phone and discovered that u can not download ringtones into it which is very bad

  • Zulu Ken

I bought Bird S1190/287028166, here in Lusaka Zambia, having been attraced by its design, colour screen and user-friendly funcions. I have hardly used it for six months, I am able to recieve calls and text messages but unable to send calls or text messages. After attempting to make a call, it writes 'supplementary service rejected' and then 'active transfer'. What does this mean?

  • robearthFX

i just bought an s1190 bird mobile phone... amazed with its design... i hastingly rushed to the store and bought one... upon arriving at my house... i was filled with regrets... when i discovered that it doesnt hav any gprs feature and cant receive mmss... so can anybody help me on this forum, on how can i be able to store wallpapers from my computer... could i have a wire connection for it??? the package doesnt include any cable at all... so i doubt if it wud be possible... is the port for charging, also the input for some storage purposes???

  • cecy

I bought a Bird S1190 handset recently,and I disvovered that there is no screensaver sub-menu under the sound & display main menu as it stated in the user manual; what can I do? or how can i be helped?

  • sky17

if you want a spare phone just for texting or calling someone buy BIRD! its cheaper and affordable....=)

  • sky17

my sky wants that bird phone....=) i think it is user friendly and very much affordable...right sky???=)

  • rose

i hope i can change the ring tones & wallpapers 'coz its not that cute.

  • mpdelapena

My S1190 is a good enough alternate phone. No frills, no needless features - just a good, old-fashioned phone for calling and texting. It's quite light and easy on the hand. And it's colored.
The only problem I have with it is, the screen is too small and you cannot adjust the font size. Okay, I'll make another concession. I can live with the small screen. But the small font? When I bought this phone, my Mom wanted to buy it from me because it's simple to operate, it's light and it's colored. She wouldn't have to buy it from me - I could have just given her this phone if the fonts could be adjusted so that text messages would be easier to read. I hope that Bird can provide software upgrades to make the fonts on this phone bigger.

  • charlene mae docto

pls tell me how much is this S1190?? thank you

  • leah

It's a cute one and very affordable.

  • emms

hhhhmmmm....this one is so very poor of technology it seems like a toy no good anymore

  • Tony

My Phone has just been stolen and here is the serial number [imei 354134007826380] and I want it blocked

  • sub`zero

i hope it had mms nd infrared.. for better user delight

  • johnz

ur s1190 is good but can you modified it for mms and wallpaper

  • zeno

well i like it but can i ask if this 1190 celpones has a colored pictures or mms?

  • kaycy

s1190 is a gud phone but i cant find lots of things in mine like the wallpaper on the one here and cant do anything in it like downloads and other things.

  • kenny

i don't like the design

  • Ebuka Peters

I want to know much about BIRD 1190.And the price.

  • simon haines

in the days of mega pixel cameras,3d gaming ect,this is a very lazy cheap and nasty phone.