Bird S590

Bird S590

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  • svhc

the best phone design i've ever seen, too bad its an old model, i hope they can have this design with modern phone

  • B Danny

I thought something this cool sized
and cute could have at least an fm

  • Ossy

Pls i need to configure my Birds590, so that i can use it for browsing. pls u can reach me through or +2348066177804. thanks

  • alfred

hi guys i'm in need of gprs settings and mms settings can any one tell me where i can get the settings or send me settings 4 my bird s590 at or 0762953734

  • abdallah elsaney

i want agood tones and i didnot find data cable

  • mohamad

I'm from egypt ....

there is no data cable .....and I want software for this mobile so I can download the pics .... any one can help me?

  • Faisel

This phone looks exactly like a Vertu! Possibly the cheap and nasty version of a Vertu. Vertu phones cost around USD $185,000. check

  • berdy

love it 0mg

  • atoume mirabeau

it's may be a nice phone, but here in cameroon to find accesory it's very difficult, because its not yet common, maybe people don't like or they had never year about it.
i'm looking for the battery and i can find it so i don't know how to do to use the phone.

  • Sunej

Just like a casket. Well I love it but they need to work harder with designs

  • kingsley

I am telling you the fact this phone sucks! and Bird company should need more features on their phones and make it to meet other phones technology cos here in Nigeria nobody likes to buy it and it is not popular! please bird coy. take note

  • John

Well, it is a good phone. but if BIRD really want to be in a modern market, so many changes should be made. Imagine the phone I bought was just manufactured on January 17 2005. For sure I expected to find infrared and/or bluetooth inside it. My suggestion is that, you just make another product of the same phone, S590 with other features included, like bluetooth! Thanks!

  • adnan

it is a good phone ofcourse only the disadvantsge is it has must be an ifrared feature or blue tooth alas
wish good luck

  • Hujees

I love this phone so much. I have sold out the ones I have just to make sure I meet up with the payment to this phone. I love you Bird S590 I will die for you

  • Usman

well, i think bird really needs to make fones seriously, like Samsung did 4-5 yrs back, they burned everything and re-designed everything from scratch, thats what BIRD shud do. imagine a FLAGSHIP fone for BIRD and its got such a pathetic CIF 3xx*2xx something resolution? Nowdays companies making MEGAPIXEL camera fones and they r on CIF with such small tiny resolution, then nuthing smart even like a RADIO.. an FM radio cud have been a better thing.. AND PEOPLE..this is an independent site, so No need to SUGGEST anything to BIRD or any other company..cuz its not BIRD's site..its GSM ARENA :)

  • Aneel

pLzZzZz... Dont Launch this Ugly THing

  • jm

w8t i want 2 buy a phone but i dnt know wats d best phones......

  • paki_mo

i'd rather go for a non-color cellphone than this type of phone!.. who designed this very ugly phone????

  • Anonymous

Nothing Going for it!?! WHAT. It is package for free in box of cereal. who other promote phones so innovative?

  • Leigh

This phone is ugly.
its specs are extremely poor.
battery life is appalling!
has absolutely nothing going for it.