Bird S661

Bird S661

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  • gAMES

not goood handset

  • lisa

true that the people have spoken the phone is featureless and BORING!never the less when it cane to the design you pple gt it right.on a serious note you need work on your phones they seriously wek!!!

  • o;0pkjl


  • emtee

wow that's a really pretty design, but no special features.

  • D3ya

sux..I woulda ttly bought this phone...but the ppl have spoken..its lacking in the features

  • Camilly

Itīs very nice the design but, why not to do the same with the features?

  • friendlychic

i love the design but it doesnt have camera

  • kelly

i like the style but what kind of phone that has no features?? point of buyin it

  • alexandria

Its okay the style on the back i like it but , what am i going to do with a phone that has no camera i like to have fun with my friends. (THINK ABOUT US YOUNG CHILDREN WHEN MAKING A PHONE.)

  • Hellen

This phone is very behind the times, the looks are hot,very sexy but as for the features!

  • acie

what are you gonna do with this kind of phone???

  • Anonymous

The design is really pretty. But it's just look.

  • bubbbyyyyyyy >3

omg soo cute.
but needs features on it =]

  • Yolinda

Hot design, poor features.

  • n95

its so ugly!!!! it has no bluethoot

  • hhh

it's cute but i like sony ericsson more :D ^^

  • emmanuel

the design seems to be copied from nokia 7360 but i like it...