Apple iPads and iPhone 5c were Black Friday's best performers

04 December, 2013

The sales of Apple's latest tablet, the iPad Air saw a growth of 51% during the past weekend, according to a report from Localytics. The fact that the device has been on sale for just over a month along with Black Friday promotional offers drove the spike in sales of Apple's latest slate.

The second place in the overachieve standings is taken by another Apple device - the first generation iPad mini. Black Friday and the Cyber Monday also saw a significant growth in the iPhone 5c sales, which managed to cling on to the third position.

Amazon's 7-inch Kindle Fire HD and Samsung's Galaxy S4 are the only two Android devices that managed to make it to the top five with 23% and 20% sales boost, respectively.

Other devices that managed to make the most of the promotion is the second-generation iPad Mini, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s and the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.