Black Shark 2 Pro appears on TENAA with new memory variants

Sagar, 02 August 2019

The freshly announced Black Shark 2 Pro comes in two memory versions - 12GB/128GB priced at CNY2,999 ($430/€390) and 12GB/256GB priced at CNY3,499 ($505/€455). But, it seems the company will soon offer you more to choose from.

Black Shark 2 Pro appears on TENAA with new memory variants

The Black Shark 2 Pro has appeared on TENAA with 6GB and 8GB RAM. There's also a new storage variant - 512GB. The 6GB RAM variant will likely come with 128GB or 256GB storage, while the 8GB RAM version may have 512GB of onboard storage.

There's no word from Black Shark yet about these new variants, so we will have to wait till more information surfaces. In the meantime, you can head over here to know more about the Black Shark 2 Pro.

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Well exactly. No matter you have you can get a problematic one. I run a phone shop and if you werent lucky even a 1000+ bucks device can die in few hours i saw that. Its just missfortune but it can happens. And for a water damage no IP re...

I understand that though. I think that Samsung does cover water damage by warranty - I saw people getting new phones based on that. But I tottally agree that no matter what you buy - you could get a faulty device.

Man i would agree with everything else but IP68 is still gimmick. As long as your warranty wont cover water damage having or not having IP68 is just matter of money. Because this gimmick adds to the final price. But you cant blame your IP resistance...

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