BlackBerry 8707v with 3G support

27 March, 2006

A new BlackBerry device with 3G support will be launched on Vodafone in the UK - the 8707v model, which is based on the 8700 and is the same in features, size and shape, only has UMTS support added.

The BlackBerry device has full QWERTY keyboard, Intel PXA901 processor at 312MHz and 64 MB RAM. Bluetooth and USB connectivity are also present. 8707v is supplied with the same 65K colors 320 x 240 pixels resolution display as the 8700 model. The new quad-band BlackBerry model will weigh about 140 g and keeps the same size as the 8700 model, 110 x 69.5 x 19.5 mm.

This will be the first 3G BlackBerry for Europe as there is one 3G device in the US, the EV-DO 7130e, which is similar in features but has different keyboard. The 8707v model is especially produced by RIM for Vodafone and probably there will be other new models for other carriers and networks.


Reader comments

  • natkvn

hmmmm,old blackberrys cellphone

  • Tervel

Just curious - how do you figure you'll be able to roam on a CDMA network using a GSM phone???

  • mobile_apache

Wake up and smell the 3G. This device now allows blackberry users to roam in JAPAN

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