BlackBerry 8820

BlackBerry 8820

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  • Senasco

This phone can last up to one week the battery is durable strong. Please how much is it now I used it in Ghana Africa , can I get some to buy in Dubai. Or can I purchased it online. Firstly I would like the manufacturer to upgraded it to Android phone with camera it would be the best android phone in the world. Please how can I get it

  • Herpelle

how much will this phone cost by now?

  • HI Guys please help

Helo,I can't access whatsup so pliz send me a link

  • lassie

My bb phone does not browse

  • Anonymous

Tom, 08 May 2015Helo,I can't access whatsup so pliz send me a link Hi am hassan with blackberry 8820 bt I cnt download anything like music or whatsapp pls help

  • Tom

Helo,I can't access whatsup so pliz send me a link

  • Roy

I love my BB 8820... it's GREAT!!

  • ken

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2014How can I upgrade my BB8820 to 4.6 so as to download WechatIt has no camera,is it possible for it to hold. Whatsup

  • ESSY

my blackberry cannot download any application is there any problem or is so old

  • Anonymous

AnonD-71281, 13 Sep 2012is there BBMv5.0 available for the 8820. If so please send ... moreHow can I upgrade my BB8820 to 4.6 so as to download Wechat

  • Nor

Hi mam/sir,i don't know how to activate my bb 8820,my wifi not connected.because it said, contact your service provider.pls,send me a link.thank you.

  • Chen H

So good!My blackberry 8820 AT&T!

  • AnonD-195979

No, you can download this for your blackberry 8820 for os 4.5

  • diony

hellow mam/sir,pls send me a link,i dont know how to activate my bb 8820 because my wifi network not connected,also my internet,i dont know how to use it,because it said there,contact your servivce provider,thanks

  • Anonymous

Hey I wud like to upgrade my bb8820 iwhats app nor ping can u send me a link to upgrade plz

  • shiniglight

Pls I need to upgrade my bb8820 to atleast 0s5 so that I can be able to download whatsapp.pls reply.

  • Arsl

andile, 03 Jul 2012hi i have this fone but my problem is that it does not supo... morePress call button(green one) then press menu button and go in option»smart dialing and change your country code and one of your problem will be solved.

  • basment

I need my bb 8820 to be upgraded nd I can't ping nor my icant receive frm bluetooth

  • bashmet

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2012i can't ping with my BB 8820 why and what needs to be done?I can't ping nd I cantdownload any ting on my phne I wud like my phne to up grade plz

  • Han

Guys does this phone support whatsapp ?