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  • 14 Jun 2021

I love this but is not available in my region

    trashysocks, 01 Apr 2021its already 2021 and i already checked the new update it st... moreThat mean, yes, BlackBerry didn't care for updates again. Also in my region, no sound of BlackBerry smartphone again in Indonesia. Looks, it is also shutdown.

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      • trashysocks
      • Xqa
      • 01 Apr 2021

      NikiDroid, 01 Nov 2018This link moreits already 2021 and i already checked the new update it still didnt released it was already 4 years it should be android 9 right now blackberry didnt care about updates

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        • trashysocks
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        • 01 Apr 2021

        one thing i hate is that they never announced a new update, i use it for 3 years and im bored and all the time only my phone who didnt support anything, any cool apps, didnt support vr, i cant change fonts, and lots of more.

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          • tDQ
          • 16 Jan 2021

          It started out ok, but after 6 months the magnetic flip cover sensor went haywire, it would randomly go to flip cover mode when I was using the phone.

          After a little bit over a year it decided to have random reboots and finally died, occasionally it would wake up if I apply pressure on certain parts, but after about a day it started acting up again and now it's completely bricked.

            If you are aware, this product uses the body parts of ZTE NUBIA N1 LITE, but without Fingerprint, they have same position of sim card and microSd, battery, back dual led and selfie camera (led and sensor), speaker, audio Jack, micro USB

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              • 05 Oct 2020

              yemkov, 30 Sep 2018as far as am concerned i'm done with Blackberry devices, ... moreSeems that the Galaxy On7, J7 Prime and Aurora have the same display

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                • Wilddocs
                • d%E
                • 24 Nov 2019

                How's the sound quality of this phone.Is the audio sound louder for music lovers ?

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                  • 08 Jan 2019

                  AnonD-718623, 27 Nov 2017which one better between Blackberry Aurora or Xiaomi Redmi ... morefor build quality Blackberry....for crowded its cheaper than xiaomi..what d u think

                    This link maybe not true, but who knows, said that the Aurora also will get Android Oreo in Q4, 2018.

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                      • 18 Oct 2018

                      Been a BlackBerry fan always. The BB Aurora caught my eye with its dual sim feature. Looking at the core of it seemed pretty low but hey the price was right.

                      First it came out, the Android OS version had issues but they sorted it out.

                      I'm a heavy daily user and had second thoughts using the BB Aurora as my daily driver. But surprise, surprise, the batt life was enough to get me thru the day with still enough power for me to utilise. And this little fella, performance wise can hold its on compared to my iphone 7.

                      I get my email faster, lots of customisation available to use. A happy BB fan here

                        very limited access, 02 Oct 2018blackberry devices known to be impossible to root and wo... moreIf you checklist Unknown source in settings, you could instal apk file from other website. My Aurora could do installing apps apk. No problem.

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                          • 02 Oct 2018

                          blackberry devices known to be impossible to root

                          and worst than it, i cannot install some apks and it also locked out device administrators so i cannot modify anything with this devices

                          it has built in DTEK apps to prevent any unauthorized access.

                            DR.H, 30 Sep 2018without gyro sensor, is it ok?I am OK with that condition. For others I don't know. Every people has differrent ways.

                              as far as am concerned i'm done with Blackberry devices,

                              the aurora device is all over the market here in Nigeria, but no replacement parts

                              i got a cracked screen for like 3 months been trying to get it fixed, now the screen is gone

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                                • 30 Sep 2018

                                NikiDroid, 26 Sep 2018Yes, it supports VOLTE.without gyro sensor, is it ok?

                                  Bhusan, 26 Sep 2018Is it supports volte or not Yes, it supports VOLTE.

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                                    • 26 Sep 2018

                                    Is it supports volte or not

                                      Only US$ 100 in Indonesia.

                                        I bought BlackBerry Aurora yesterday, overall is good. This is my experience using BlackBerry Aurora:

                                        + Price right now is affordable cheap for Android phone comes with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal memory
                                        + Performance overall is good, there is BBM app preinstalled, BlackBerry Hub. I use Aurora for texting, chatting in Telegram, WhatsApp, calling, for very fine, YouTube also good. Playing AOV game is good enough, not recommended for gaming user
                                        + Reception in calling feature is very good, internet is also good, battery life is good enough
                                        + For design is fine. The back cover made in plastic maybe is not matter, its design without home button also good. Dedicated microSD slot and separated slot for SIM 1 and SIM 2
                                        + Camera is good enough for simple use

                                        - No NFC, first time it comes with price USD 300 but doesn't has NFC
                                        - Rather hard to find temper glass that fit its screen
                                        - No option to display batter percentage permanently
                                        - No double tap to wake up screen, to wake up screen should press power button
                                        - No fast charging
                                        - Comes with Android Nougat is fine, but the system update app is bad, frequently encounter "server communication error, please try again" message. Also less receive new update whereas, the Aurora is running on Android stock rom