BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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  • Dan

I thought BlackBerry were sorting out their model numbers?
Ie. 9xxx = Bold, 8xxx = Curve/Pearl
Is there any relevance to the model numbers anymore?

Also, if this wasm placed next to an 8520 what would be the reason for buying it? It just seems like a dressed up version with a SLIGHTLY better camera.

  • elina

9300 very looks alike 8520..although the camera quality has been upgraded becoming 3 mp but still no flash.

  • Anonymous

benny, 06 Jul 2010dont bother blackberry making same phones all over again, w... moreThe point of this device is:
- creating jobs for people
- making profit
- creating a phone thats cheap for students so that the dataplans won't kill them
- it has a better camera then the 8520

  • boops

I hope this is not released...Better they named it BB 8520i......Mike Lazaridis EPIC FAIL!!!

  • boops

Garbage its a BB 8520 with chrome bezel..ha ha ha gimme ah break BB you just keep failing no innovation at all.


surely u can c this is a fake? its an 8520

  • benny

dont bother blackberry making same phones all over again, what is the point of this model ...nothing new same canera, same display can someone tell me what is the point of this mobile phone

  • XXX

this is 8520