BlackBerry Curve 8310

BlackBerry Curve 8310

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How to Use Google in blackberry curve 8310.

  • Pstar7

how do you put the sim in this black berry

hummer, 24 Apr 2014can anyone help me how do i make factory reset to my BlackB... moreThe BlackBerry 8310 does not have 3g or WiFi radio, only 2g and Bluetooth.

  • Parmar

hw can i upgrad me bb8310

  • AnonD-498866

Blackberry 8310 is a lesser spotted feature phone in the Blackberry curve range. One of the 8000 series.
Its actually not that different from the popular 8520 model but I'm guessing the 8310 may have been mainly confined to the province of corporates, issued as a business phone. Whereas the 8520 found widespread use and appeal in the consumer market.
The Blackberry 8310 is packed with many powerful features which one come to expect from Blackberry.
These include
push email- receive your emails as they arrive and I read them in your Blackberry email messages.
Viewing of PDF, EXL, DOC files as standard. So open any email attachments (Word, Excel etc)
Windows - but not as we know it - open multiple applications with Blackberrys Switch application feature
Powerful cut and paste allows content to be easily copied off the web into the phone.

Two things: if you're buying a 8310 you need to check

If its ex-corporate it may well have an IT policy which will limit its use as it may bar use of the internet.
If its ex corporate it may have been set up to run on the Blackberry Enterprise Server(BES) - as opposed to the Blackberry Internet Server (BIS) - what you want if you want to use the internet.

To use the web you need to remove the IT policy and / or move the phone off the BES to the BIS
It is possible to do this yourself with the help of some YouTube tips. Or seek a good mobile repairer

  • Uchesky

Am trying to down whatsapp,bt is not working,why?

  • Anonymous

For a 2G device its not bad and was great for its time. but no point to use it now with 2G being shut down in a couple years!

  • yogol

C K, 01 Jun 2015I Want to get new 8310 what is the processsystem problem

  • askofu

budz, 14 Jan 2015How to upgrade blackberry curve8310 osupgrade

  • Azabo

My browser is outdated what should I do

  • C K

I Want to get new 8310
what is the process

  • sauban sulaiman

My phone it does not. Download anything by using opera mini it shows that "its not allowed by your IT policy" why what I'm I going to do?

  • Fear not

My screen is empty.Got deleted
all folders. what to do

  • Fear not

Tin Tin, 21 Mar 2015My screen is empty.Got deleted all folders. what to do?My screen is empty.Got deleted
all folders. what to do

  • Tin Tin

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2014Can The OS Be Upgraded ?My screen is empty.Got deleted all folders. what to do?

  • perus

BENNY, 02 Feb 2015How do I updrade my blackberry 8310wt version currently running?


How do I updrade my blackberry 8310


Anonymous, 18 Feb 2014Wats app can it downloand on black berry 8310 Its not to download whatsapp on this phoneiness you updrade it

  • budz

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2014U can't use whatsapp on ur bbcurve 8310 until u upgrade os ... moreHow to upgrade blackberry curve8310 os

  • pau

I cannot use my browser