BlackBerry Curve 8900

BlackBerry Curve 8900

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  • Axel A

GSMArena, actually, BlackBerry Curve 8900's internal storage is 32 MB, and there's a storage for applications which is 256 MB.

  • nikil vickey

charles, 27 May 2015Unable to upgrade my whatsapp, unable to download viberU r curve mobile in the WhatsApp u 2 use ....

  • acide

How to upgrade blackberry8900

  • hermanez

Bye my 8900..
Thanks for last 6 years,full of memories...'till death di us apart...
Welcome Z10..:)

  • shashank

what is the cause of not installing whatsapp in my curve 8900

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2015hi I want to see how to set imternt on this phonePut the APN settings for your cell carrier into the phone. The Blackberry browser shouldn't work over carrier without a BIS plan but a third party browser like Opera will.

  • Anonymous

hi I want to see how to set imternt on this phone

  • mcsoldier

hi I want to see how I can set internet on this phone

  • What

rafi, 18 Jun 2015can i use what'sapp,viber in this phone?8900

  • Elena

Hi i have bb curve 8900 and everytime i try to download apps i try it says The 'MIDlet-Name' attribute is missing what should i do? please help me

  • rafi

can i use what'sapp,viber in this phone?

  • AnonD-281104

This was my first blackberry and my first smartphone (before this it was the Motorola v3x). I bought it back in 2008.

This was a very good phone in it's day. Had all of fond memories with this phone. Held on to it for almost 3 years. Then changes to bold 8760, now I'm using a very good Lumia windows phone.

Blackberry devices are now struggling in the market. I feel sorry for them.

  • charles

kiduchu, 11 Jun 2014how to upgrade my blackberry curve 8900 Unable to upgrade my whatsapp, unable to download viber

  • Anonymous

haw can i open the internate whise out wifi.i wan to use by data.telme the soluthion

  • yash

how can i upgrade OS of my cellphone by WiFi connection?
their is no option available in my phone of wireless upgrade.
send me solution of this problem..

  • Anonymous

does it has hotspot

  • AnonD-329506

when i connect my phone to a desktop using a usb,the computer says "it doesn't recognize the device can use my phone to surf in the computer?

  • yasi

i forgot my password and how i reset it

  • infi

MBK , 08 Sep 2014hello, please what u can help do to my bb8900 is unable to... morei.first go to media and press menu button there you will get option like receive using that button and then you can able to send files from other mobile

  • saad

Faz, 09 Feb 2014Yes u can download whatsapp from... Or ... moregood