BlackBerry Priv caught running Android Marshmallow in a video

Himanshu, 31 March, 2016

Last we heard about BlackBerry Priv's Marshmallow update, was in January and the word was that the update isn't coming anytime soon - the company had said that roll-out details will be revealed sometime during the ongoing quarter.

It's March 31 today, which means the quarter has almost ended, and sadly, there has been no official heads-up from BlackBerry on this front until now. However, here's something that'll surely bring a smile on your face and should reassure that the update is nevertheless coming - a video featuring Marshmallow-powered Priv.

There's currently no information on exactly what changes the update will bring, but hopefully we'll know more soon.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

No one wants a Blackberry phone with a mediocre camera though. No one is jealous of those 2 people who own a Blackberry Priv.

  • AnonD-521331

808 was the best chipset of the time??? Lol bro.

  • Anonymous

Atleast their software policies are ok better than samsung