BlackBerry Storm2 9520

BlackBerry Storm2 9520

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  • ren

65k colors again??..16million color is far way
better than 65k colors.

  • path

As i'm blackberry owner i still feel that most of bb devices are mediocre and limited, in an age where email is becoming obsolete and we have to pay for it whether you like it or not.

  • chris

i think it is a great phone.
it has all these good things that storm 1, didn't have

  • Aqualung

This is soo yesterday. Only 3.2 megs camera? Only one HSDPA band? And why focus on EV-DO? That's a dying standard! Also, only 3.25 inches screen? HTC's Leo beats it hands down!

  • ian

i have my iphone 3gs, is this better ?

  • elina

it's very heavy 160 g..what about the processor??if the price is cheaper than onyx may be i will choose this..

  • Anonymous

hmm, no video conference = no buy

  • CenA

its much much better than storm 1 .. first they fixed the screen and they puted the wifi thats so great.. i hope it will be fast enough to not be so laggy

  • anonymus X

phone looks great the only thing i find is that BB should follow with the MP
this is a 3.15 why ,not a 5 or an 8

than it would be a real killre

  • Anonymous

average phone..

  • jazzyl

Patiently waiting for this baby

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2009The orignal storm works perfectly... would welcome the 5 mp... moreit also has wifi...

  • Anonymous

Zae, 09 Oct 2009I believe the release date to be next Thursday, the 15th! ... moreSorry to say but they've pushed it back to October 25th for a final software update before it's released.

  • izzy

Zae, 09 Oct 2009I believe the release date to be next Thursday, the 15th! ... morewe are getting i phone as well in january and our tariffs have got to be better then o2

  • Anonymous

The orignal storm works perfectly... would welcome the 5 mp camera, thats about all they can do with the storm.

  • Zae

I believe the release date to be next Thursday, the 15th!
I spoke to a Vodafone Rep as my contract expired last week, telling him that I was thinking of leaving VF so I could get an Iphone and that I may stay for the BBS2 but it seemed to be taking ages for any release info, so I couldn’t be bothered to wait any longer and would probably just go for the Iphone on another network. He told me to hold off till next Thursday for the BBS2 and he would be back in touch with me to arrange shipping!! woohoo!!

  • kink

anything has got to be better than the first storm!! i had three and all had faults, now im happy with my magic :)

  • Anonymous

What!!?? No avi files player AGAIN! i'm bit curious with RIM strategy by put a avi player in their business line up (bold), but abandon it in their multimedia (wannabe) line up. What r u smoking, guys?