BlackBerry Storm3

BlackBerry Storm3

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  • Lady si (hose dj)

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2011do you have a time machine or something??? the phone is not yet ... moreI agree with your comment

  • Anonymous

lund, 30 Oct 2011nt good phone its very cheap do you have a time machine or something??? the phone is not yet available...not even an official announcement. What's your basis for saying "nt good phone its very cheap"???

  • AnonD-28624

Please tell me that these specs is still from the old test phase and that it has been upgraded. I hate to see this phone perform against the droids. He will be killed. Guess we will need to wait and see.

  • lund

nt good phone its very cheap

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2011I hope the touch screen will last long. Let u gays work on the battery standard, the battery is not too strong

  • Skinny

thank you BB you be best

  • Candy

Why is it that blackberry don't have radio ?

  • Sudeer77

That Is Torch 9860

  • dhaindra@kaskus

Waw, fantastic for proccesor (1.2Ghz) & Ram (512mb)& internal memory (8gga). But power batteray to low. I think, this device to very wasful.

  • Anonymous

I hope the touch screen will last long.

  • botsej2kx

I'm waiting for the BB Storm 3...

  • Dev

It looks just like Torch 9850. I hope it doesn't disappoint me just like the 9900.

  • edi sylvanus

can someone tell me how much is this storm 3 sold for.

  • Anonymous

Well, RIM will sooner or later do better. A pretty cool phone, competing with microcomputer.

  • Arsh

Will it be compatible with Blackberry Presenter???

  • kings4life

The BlackBerry storm3 will be a greater and a giant step in the communication and computer world at large. We hope forward to see a faster network accessing and a better durability.God bless the Good work.

  • AnonD-13425

agree with arnab sain . blackberry introduces each new phopne with a certain new features but never has introduced a compelete set which can meet every ones demand ( e.g keyboard in S3 ) i dont think that bb will have its place even in the top five after a few years

  • Anonymous

This is a lot of discussion for a phone that has not been released and where the specs being provided can not be confirmed. I just hope they release the thing already. BBerry is getting left behind on the information highway. I love my storm 1 and have been waiting for the 3. Is there any news on a release date?

  • Kazaa

Arnab Sain, 22 Jun 2011Blackberry is the most dump company i ever seen.their phones don... moreNokia? lol you really are aged arent you...

  • Arnab Sain

Blackberry is the most dump company i ever seen.their phones dont have even a front facing camera but still overpriced.They think Blackberry charm is able to sell their products.thats not possible because of huge competition from Nokia E series,any Android phone,Apple phones.Because they also provide Push mail & Mail for exchange with only GPRS or 3G plan.But if any one buy a BB they have to purchase BB plan,which is a per month pain for their subscribers.For these reason i will prefer to buy a N9 or iphone4 not a BB storm3 like phone.