BlackBerry Torch 9860

BlackBerry Torch 9860

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  • Anonymous

Bought this in Australia in 2015. No regrets and I have just bought another one!!!! Fantastic handwork!

  • Ruth

I have this phone years ago and it's one of the strongest phone I had.

That 4GB storage. It hurts.

  • yoyo22

never had bb but i love it

  • AnonD-618277

jamal, 30 Jul 2015my phone starts but it hangs as soon as the processing is d... moreIf you have a phone stuck in 'bootup' mode, I was able to fix mine by using a combination of advice I found at these sites.
AND ....

don't rush ... read ... and watch ... and follow instructions. Best wishes ! :)

  • Robert

need Danish at my Troch 9860. There is only English installed. Someone who can help??

  • Tommy

Try consulting a phone engineer and avoid inserting batteries anymore; it might be hardware problem

  • AnonD-469331

joparts, 11 Nov 2015need help. last time my bb9860 the battery 1% remain bu... moreFlash again with the blackberry instalador 9860 ... That will solve the problem ... Cuz I have experince like that too. Hope that's help

  • joparts

Shirazi, 07 Feb 2015brothers i have error 513 and when i start reloading win 7 ... moreinstall blaxk berry software on ur pc. after installed connect your phone to the pc. then click repair. follow instructions.


  • joparts

need help.

last time my bb9860 the battery 1% remain but when i insert it to my laptop thru usb charger cord, my phone gets dead. it doesnt turn on anymore, even i inserted new batteries my bb phone still no power.
any help or had same issue?
what i am need to do?

your answer is highly appreciated.

  • AnonD-458885

I love this phone for 2 years but its too bad the rom and ram is too litle and ist caused always hang if a lots of aplication, But for solved that, I delet some aplication actually the game that I doesnt need, thats can more space on rom. Cleaning the memory and then clear logs aplication with typing "/"/ (lglg) after using .. Hope that help to user this phone

  • ntilima dresden.h.

I lost my blackberry 9860 on the 1st of April, 2015. Someone got it in my car, it was still new. i loved it so much but have failed to trace in up to now. am from zambia, southern province, mazabuka town.

  • Anonymous

I love my phone, but it fell when it was connected and it was damaged "the charger port that was fixed and welded other thing" .Now start but can't restart end I think lost it.

  • jamal

my phone starts but it hangs as soon as the processing is done and i am not able to do any thing further.

  • AnonD-421353

Julian, 17 Jul 2015I ve used this phone for 3 years. The phone operation is sm... moreHow to solve it?

  • Julian

I ve used this phone for 3 years. The phone operation is smooth enough. The problem solving of this phone that I can share a.f:
1. After using for 1 year, the phone cannot restart itself, stucking at 75% line. The solution: no other way than bring it to service center and do disabling BIMS/ internal memory.There are many articles in the net about disable BIMS.

2. Restart the phone every day, because it lacks of RAM.

The rest.. It's quite ok

  • Anonymous

how to contact service provider ???

  • Alaa

i have problem that my 9860phone on 3G but the problem it not work although the signal 3G appear and say "you are currently on a data plan that does not support this application.if you want to use this application please connect to WiFi or contact your service provider to upgrade your data plan

  • AnonD-397661

sivaprasad, 21 Apr 2015My phone wi fi giving signal but not coming wi fi they ask ... moreon your wifi and also data of sim and it should work.

  • raju

how do download 7.1.0 bundle 1149 as unable to do it