Blackview A10

Blackview A10

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  • Airlane1979
  • 3aj
  • 10 Aug 2021

My first smartphone, £30 in 2020. A year later, it's working well. I installed a 128GB MicroSD card for music. The Bluetooth coverage is wide and the audio quality on earphones is good. The camera is okay, if not so high quality as a dedicated camera. The only function I'd like is an infrared emitter to use it as a remote control but this is a low cost device. The battery life is much shorter than my previous non-smart phone.

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    • Anonymous
    • MpN
    • 17 Dec 2020

    Thankfully mine is properly giving up the ghost now with the camera malfunctioning.
    Wifi was broken from new as it would never stay logged onto a network reliably for more than an hour or two (I assume a software issue that a proper manufacturer would have dealt with via an update, but of course Blackview don't really do those)
    Can't complain though as I think I got what I paid for (about £70 at Amazon back in 2018)

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      • Linus
      • ptn
      • 13 Aug 2018

      Biola, 29 May 2018Hello. I want to get this phone, and i need some opinions... moreI have this phone, and can tell you that the performance is utterly shitty. That being said, the price is so cheap that I still think it's a good value phone :)

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        • Biola
        • f0F
        • 29 May 2018

        I want to get this phone, and i need some opinions on its performance.