Blackview BV7100

Blackview BV7100

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  • South Sudan
  • 84G
  • 04 Dec 2023

addition to what i mention.
4- to make a call takes to long to connect with another lins.

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    • South Sudan
    • 84G
    • 04 Dec 2023

    Black view BV7100, phone is very nice-looking phone. But operationally it's not good at all this points.
    1- Poor network
    2- Without WiFi, you can't access network
    3- Phone setting missing allot
    4- Phone record option is not available.

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      • BoneHead
      • q1f
      • 10 Jul 2023

      Ay, 24 Dec 2022Ita heavy af, it's like 1kg dumbbell It's a brick... that's what we get with a rugged phone with a 4 day battery. It aint no I-phone.

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • xTk
        • 25 Dec 2022

        OneStrong, 29 Oct 2022Excellent phone. I'm from Trinidad and Tobago in th... moreAlso from Trinidad. I had the same experience with a umidigi bison gt2 and a ulefone armor 17 pro. I thought the bison was defective, returned it, then he same issue when I bought the armor 17 pro. Once the bmobile sim was inserted - stopped, phone restarts and even factory resets.

          • A
          • Ay
          • vmF
          • 24 Dec 2022

          Ita heavy af, it's like 1kg dumbbell

            • O
            • OneStrong
            • 8yN
            • 29 Oct 2022

            Excellent phone.

            I'm from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean where we only have two mobile network providers.

            The phone functions perfectly on our Digicel network, however, once a sim card from the other network called bmobile is inserted in the phone, the phone app immediately crashes and a system reboot follows shortly after.

            The bmobile network's SIM cards also causes issues with a few other phones that run MediaTek CPUs, case in point Xiaomi Poco series.

            If you're a bmobile customer like myself, please be aware of this.

            It should also be noted that I've bought the "GLOBAL" variant of this phone, not sure if that is a factor in my experiences.

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              • seyhan
              • p27
              • 07 Oct 2022

              what's the camera like in this phone any good? Also, does the phone lag at all?

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                • killer.
                • NHZ
                • 28 Sep 2022

                killer phone.