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  • khan

ahhh company compression with s8 they r mad samsung s8 is very big set its just very nominal set . charging pin use also as hand free its big lack in this set .

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Saturniac, 11 Apr 2019No. It has a 28nm nanometer soc. It has a very, very low-end ... moreWhy? I will tell you why! A 28nm chip is still cheaper to this day than a 14/16nm its kinda shameful really but this is why Unisoc made a new 28nm octa-core on same 28nm tough theirs is a newer version of 28nm and uses A55 cores which should in theory reduce the heat. ^_^

Ade, 01 Apr 2019This phone is very bad after some minutes using the phone it get... moreYo man, the reason why your phone is overheating is because it's on a 28nm technology, but it's octa core. (octa cores are used on slightly powerful socs, unlike this one, a very low end one)
I Don't know if you understand what I'm saying, but that is 100% the reason

It has a 28nm nanometer soc.
It has a very, very low-end mediatek chipset.
Though it's still octa-core (8 cores)
and I'm not sure why they did that, but it completely makes the phone heat because of that.

  • RichieRich1

Excellent phone for the price!
Why are you guys comparing it to other phone not in the same class duh!!
The only downside is the comms services, wifi,bluetooth, shutting down when the screen locks!
As for music, use a bluetooth speaker!

For all you complainers out there, read the specs before you buy!
It ain't rocket science!!

  • Ade

This phone is very bad after some minutes using the phone it gets very hot my finger print function stopped working after 4months really bad
I'm regretting

Excuse me in advance for my english
Very Very Very bad services.
A lot of functions that are allowed in other smarthphones, arent allowed with BlackView s8
Besides the firm doesn't have a web site, or a pdf or a support web pages where they explain how to do.
How can I move contacts from alls to preferites?
How can I move a call to contacts or preferites?
Very simple functions that in other smarths work well, are unknown in this software

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Rob Taff, 28 Jan 2019This is a really terrible phone, really really terrible. Paid $... moreYeah you should have looked up what you bought before buying it to any chip with 8-cores and 28nm fabrication node is sadly doomed to overheat... (another well known example of this is the Snapdragon 821) I have the honor V9 Play which has same chip, sure it gets hot but has no major issues! Blackview may also not be on par with honor & Samsung on software...

  • Rob Taff

This is a really terrible phone, really really terrible.
Paid $230 Aus dollars.

Music, sports tracking apps,and podcasts stop 10 seconds after screenlock comes on.

This is a major flaw . the blackviewS8 help site is useless for any remedy, there is none apart from leave auto screenlock on maximum time, which isn't great for security or battery life.

Speaking of which it overheats when charging too..

Save a photo from an SMS to the picture gallery?
Seemingly can't be done.
Ask the in phone help menu ?
None exists.

My verdict, pay a few dollars extra for a Samsung galaxy S7.
Or Samsung J5pro, or samsung J7 pro..
Alp these second rate/older Samsung models make the blackviews8 look like what it is, a cheap shoddy made piece of absolute crap.

Fwiw, I an not a Samsung shill either, but any of these reviewers that have rated the blackview as reasonable value for money have clearly copped a bit of hacksheesh from them, it may s an absolute piece of rubbish, barely worth $20

  • Anonymous

Richard, 06 Feb 2018Update your S8 phone to fix the bug.Or just buy a better phone lol

  • Anonymous

Kozmos, 19 Jun 2018Perfect phone, for such an inexpensive phone, it has a wealth of... moreSomething tells me you've never used a flagship...

  • gas967

does this phone work in Canada?

  • Abdu Al Salami Kebab

Finally we got Blackview devices on this page but umm where is the older devices? Where are such classics such as the legendary "Blackview Ultra Plus"! D:

  • Kozmos

Perfect phone, for such an inexpensive phone, it has a wealth of features, such as a near stock Android 7.0, a quick, responsive MediaTek Octa-Core processor, 4GB of RAM, a nice, bright, HD (720X1440) screen, and the fingerprint scanner is very snappy and responsive, and 64GB of ROM, which is more than enough to store hundreds of pictures and music files, and a good amount of videos, which the phone can record at 720P, overall, for the price, it's a great phone and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a snappy, responsive smartphone phone for everyday use.

  • asusfan

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2018so should i buy this phone?no, go buy new asus max pro

  • Jay

Is it safe to use a phone without any published SAR values?

  • Marky Ben

Reynaldo, 24 Feb 2018I tried update my blackview S8 update using wifi after OTA updat... moreUse ur laptop download the stock rom and flash the rom and ur phone is good again

  • Anonymous

so should i buy this phone?

  • AnonD-741620

Nice for phone for €180. Only real negative is the absence of a dedicated headphone jack. But the audio quality thru the USB adapter with a good pair of headphones is nice. I Like having a front facing camera with the same spec as the rear one, and the fast charging is great. So far so good.

  • Reynaldo

I tried update my blackview S8 update using wifi after OTA update dead no power no display.. before i update check the battery 60% but no luck anymore. its dead.. now.. anyone can help me.. please.. comments..