Blackview Tab 13

Blackview Tab 13

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  • Aowaaa
  • uS@
  • 10 Jan 2023

It's not even Helio G85, it's just G80

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    • n1e
    • 03 Dec 2022

    Asstchair, 16 Nov 2022Pitiful connection speeds even when using home wifi! Like ... moreAgreed 100%.

    Terrible wifi connection speed compared to my tab s6 (in same room).

    Screen quality is also dodgy.

    Those specs by blackview should be taken with a pinch of salt - please avoid.

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      • Asstchair
      • IbG
      • 16 Nov 2022

      Pitiful connection speeds even when using home wifi! Like 0.10 Mbps. My phone gets 100 or more. Cannot do any better with a SIM in place. T-mobile has tried to help but nothing has improved.

        Tide, 28 Aug 2022Is this has compass? for GPSNo

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          • Z-Tech
          • sHr
          • 29 Oct 2022

          other than the simo internet not working in the US. solid device.

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            • CMG
            • kTM
            • 21 Oct 2022

            Got it 2 mos later. Try to set it up: asking for FIND TAB 13 (941) on my old device.
            But where it is on my old device?

            Tnx. Charlie

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              • digger
              • Kg}
              • 15 Oct 2022

              I've been using this tablet for a day and data connection seems to disconnect always ... switching from wifi to cellular data, you need to flick one sim (select to unuse and then use sim) so this will connect ... and I notice apps seem to refresh and close a lot ... do you experience these also?

                I ordered it from Blackview a week and a half ago and it's taking FOREVER to arrive. Am excited and looking forward to try it out though.

                  4 days since I started using it, a really good tablet so far, lightweight, solid build quality and nice UI and average UX. Really good backup of my main phone

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                    • Tide
                    • 7v0
                    • 28 Aug 2022

                    Is this has compass?
                    for GPS

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                      • IgorS
                      • LjP
                      • 25 Aug 2022

                      sonicswink, 25 Aug 2022Just got one yesterday from AliExpress for exptional price.... moreYeah, the price is absolutely amazing during the current sales of AliExpress, even adding the magnetic keyboard bundle! I watched some reviews of it and it seems an excellent choice under that price tag. I might get one later.

                        IgorS, 15 Aug 2022Seems sturdy and reliable, Helio G85 delivers more than nec... moreJust got one yesterday from AliExpress for exptional price. Can't wait to try it out !

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                          • James
                          • fsV
                          • 24 Aug 2022

                          Pls can some help me out I need to know more about blackview products, is it a good product that last longer ?

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                            • IgorS
                            • LpB
                            • 15 Aug 2022

                            Seems sturdy and reliable, Helio G85 delivers more than necessary for a budget tablet, but the current price in Aliexpress is unreal, to say the least.