BLU Energy X Plus

BLU Energy X Plus

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  • holyguacamole

LOL, 19 Sep 2015THIS PHONE SOCKS!!! i have been using a straighttalk feautre pho... morereally??? OMG you got a hugde problem, same happens to me when I was driving a diesel truck and tryed to run my toyota corolla with diesel instead gasoline -_-
seriously dude, you have to use a 4g capable sim card on the phone, firsth you have to learn about technollogys, further to use them, good luck body, peace!!!

  • LOL

THIS PHONE SOCKS!!! i have been using a straighttalk feautre phone and I used my sim card in this phone because I was elegible for sim swap, and guess what??? 3g data instead of 4G!!!!

  • amazoned

this phone its awsome, no complaints at all, some say that there is only 1GB of RAM but comparing to my old samsung galaxy S4, runs apps fast, never gets stock, calls are clearly, signal streng is good enough, I mean, its enough if you think about the amount of money spend on this phone and the beneffits of a cheap good device.

  • amazoned

im so dissapointed, exactly the same day that I was about to purchase the GLOBAL version of this phone on amazon is out of stock.!!!

  • Anonymous

Have had this phone now for a week. Very impressed. The screen res is superior to the Studio Energy of old. Performance is better whether opening apps or games, no lag to speak of. Body of phone is very solid and feels light compared to Studio Energy. Best phone I believe in this price range.

  • brandcruiser

the point is that is like the same phone, with better look better screen view less mAh of battery, but good efficient energy distribution, is like upgrading the same phone to a better view, better screen size and visualisation with the same lasting energy and have to mention the lollipop facktory upgrade.

  • AnonD-378748

Whats the point? It actually has worse specs than the original Studio Energy! (1000Mah less battery, same SOC, same ammount of RAM, same AWFUL Gionee / BLU hybrid skin)

  • brandscruiser

i was fan of the last blu studio energy, but once I have tried the new studio x plus, wowwww same specs butttt, camera and images looks better because the screen is bigger than the recent, I can tell you that this phone does not have nothing to envy to the top brands if you compare what you can have for the same price