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  • Secret

This is also a cherry mobile aqua s9 max in the Philippines

How did I only just now realize this is an absolute rip off of the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

  • jefreth

iramos21, 07 Jul 2021I have never purchased a BLU phone until now in which it�... moreTrue but what most don't know is that Cricket is removing all 3g phones in Feb 22. So instead I just found a different carrier. So far for a $200 phone I like the Blu G90 pro.

  • Anonymous

lol copied from redmi note 8 pro

I have never purchased a BLU phone until now in which it's this G90 Pro. The biggest mistake I've ever done because I can't even use it on Cricket Wireless and supposedly it says that it can be used on any GSM carrier. WOW!! Quickly selling and never buying from them again.

  • Zach

Dreadnowt, 26 Feb 2021I have owned one of these for 4-5 months now and I feel lik... moreI've had this phone is like November (7 months) and it runs perfectly, only time it dies, is when I'm too lazy to charge it and try to make it last all day. everything is smooth and it makes my iphone friends mad at how good it is. like it's currently 3:30 pm I've been using it for 4 and a half hours and it's at 65%. quite the steal for the price

  • blackThorne

so it's Redmi Note 8 Pro Clone hehehe

Zilong, 19 Jan 2021Actually this was Cherry Mobile Aqua S9 Max in the Philippi... moreyeah i too am from the Philippines and i aswell recognized the design of the phone looks very familiar to the cherry mobile aqua s9 max

  • Kenya

I have blu smartphones, the problem is getting your accessories here in Kenya.

Angelo, 26 Feb 2021The design and camera placement is really similar to Xiaomi... moreI can't unsee it as well

I have owned one of these for 4-5 months now and I feel like I am getting my money's worth. The best feature is the BIG battery that will easily last all day unless you use it non-stop. I have never had it run out of power on me, not yet. The screen is crisp and colorful, everything looks good. Most apps run just fine, and it works well on AT&T in the USA. It is called a gaming phone, but I am not a gamer - I just wanted a reasonably priced Android phone with good features.

On the complaints side: The volume button is a little annoying and does not give the user enough volume control. The start up sound is loud. The camera is big, but does not take superb photos, altho to be fair I have not sat down and fully explored the camera features. Most irritating of all is that receiving a text message shuts down anything I might be listening to! I listen to a lot of podcasts, and if someone sends me a text, I have to reboot the phone to get back to my podcast. Also, I like having a nice case for my phone, and it took me a while to find a good one, since not very many companies make cases for this phone.

I don't know much about the company and would like to learn more. I am wary of Chinese unlocked phones because of concerns about spyware and the fact that most of them do not have warranties. However Blu is an American company and offers a 1 year warranty. I have read that it is a front for a Chinese company (Oppo?), but not Xiaomi as one person here stated. They have a US address and appear to be incorporated in the USA.

If anyone has tips on how to stop text messages from shutting down podcasts, please share. It is not an Android 10 issue, since I had another Android 10 phone that did not do that. My other Android 10 was the supposedly great Google Pixel and the charging port on that broke after a week or two.

  • Angelo

The design and camera placement is really similar to Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 pro

Hi- I have to say the following things about this phone after 11 days of use.

1. dark mode turns on itself when the battery goes lower than 15%
2. dark mode is not that dark. It is like the dark mode in whatsapp. Like washed out black or dark gray. So I prefer to go with light mode the most of the time. Even during midnight you want to use the phone in "dark mode" and will be the same flashing as light mode. because you need to increase brightness of the screen to see something. The only dark mode app that look gougers I have seen so far in the phone is facebook messenger. You have to see it, it is like the screen is really turned off and you see just text and colors. Wonderful by facebook with the messenger app because the facebook itself looks grey too.
3. the navigation bar background color can be set individually from the theme (dark or light) so you have inside application a color behind the haptic keys in navigation bar that can be blue, red, purple, grey.
4. that navigation bar color, no matter what color you have set, when you plug the charger in to charge your battery, the color goes to white and stays like that without change when disconnecting the charger. so you have to go back to settings to change it. again
5. If you use gesture navigation instead of the navigation bar. The space that was destined for the navigation bar will remain there but without the keys (square, circle, triangle). And that looks awful. You will see it under the keyboard if you are typing sending a message. I mean, if I get rid of the navigation bar I do not want to see it anymore. leave that space just for the thin line you can use to swipe up and go to home screen or multitasking.
6. that space suffers the same bug mentioned in goes white when charging and the whole thing looks horrible then. I'm not sure what is worth during that time if having the navigation bar or gesture, you will have a white block in both situations..
7. performance with whatsapp gave me something to concern as when I was trying to send a video and I needed to crop some part of the video to not send the entire of it. As soon as I put my finger on screen, it starts flickering and the video went out and instead there was a black screen where it was supposed to be the video, so I was not able to see the video below and where I needed to move the bar for cropping so frustrating. when I removed the finger the video was back there. Disturbing.
8. Other thing I have noticed- Some artifacts in the screen when rotating. for instance in chrome. The screen does not refresh as fast as it could and you see red and grey lines when rotating and the delay when accommodating to landscape orientation and vice-versa.
9. Camera is a mess. you focus the subject on the screen, sharpness at its best, when taking the picture, the result is a blur picture. more if you are trying to obtain a close up or portrait picture.

I did not buy this phone for gaming at all. I love the battery life, the colors in screen look gorgeous. Specs wise was worth to take a look, I mean that power should be ported or used in someway in day to day tasks simpler than processing games. but these inconsistencies are worrying me.

Is there some else who has noticed all these things? or is it just me?

  • Anonymous

this is just a rebranded xiaomi redmi note 8 pro

  • Zilong

Actually this was Cherry Mobile Aqua S9 Max in the Philippines.....same G90T processor, Same Battery but different does not have Wireless charging and it has UFS 2.1 instead of eMMc 5.1 on this G90 Pro

  • oh no oh no

Junk, screen freeze constantly. had to return. do not keep it. you will regret it. other blu phones from last year malfunctioned as well. blu would not return within warranty.

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2020The features of the phone are amazing. Mediatek Helio G90T ... moreI think you have a connection to BLU, you are over-praising a smartphone with trash characteristics

  • Derrick

I need one phone hw can I get it

  • Reader

Jaystation, 11 Oct 2020No, it's better actually...seriously, eMMC storage? It's not 2016. No thank you.

Can't Hear ANYONE during voice calls. Whisper level. Checked db levels . Brand new at 1 db. Must put on speaker. Contacted blu support, put in request form, gave no answer.
Also the phone is heavy and the battery goes down when not in use. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro is lighter, better at battery levels and more fluid, but still has in-call volume problems. Even after tweaking all settings, clearing the mics, and turning off all data and google apps, still can't hear anyone. All returned. *** YES, there are some people who actually buy phones to TALK on still. ***