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BLU G91 Pro

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  • j
  • jack swagger
  • 4Hi
  • 03 Jun 2023

the phone is buggy and the launcher freezes multiple times a day. streaming apps suddenly shut off after 5 minutes. im gonna switch back to the lg v40 or galaxy s20....

    Bought this phone in August 2021. It has been rock solid and reliable with excellent battery life. I could wish the camera were better quality but it has been accepted. My previous phone was a Blu G9 Pro which I was well pleased with.

    Not sure what my next phone will be, looking at some of the 5G Blu options as well as the Edge from Motorola.

      • D
      • AnonD-1032191
      • gsA
      • 28 Dec 2021

      Phone runs great really smooth..
      I get like 5-8 hours screen on time...
      TWO problems tho!! The phone restarts randomly while I sleep at night.. if it remains idle in the day it's good no reboots everything works fine.. but when it's idle at night it restarts randomly idk why.
      I've used it since November 26.. I got the December 5th update and now it says dm verity corrupted

        • L
        • LU
        • ps8
        • 25 Oct 2021

        Every BLU phone that I've ever had developed a pregnant battery within a fairly short time, four to ten months, absurd. BLU either fits C-D grade LiPo batteries, or uses faulty battery management hard/software.
        Five or more of the phones [on multiple lines], the absolute last one is a Vivo Xi+ bought new but late in its' product cycle [in 2020]. My LGs, Samsungs, etc., have had much longer battery life.
        Never again, BLU.

          Blu can barely afford to stay in business. They're getting scrap. I give them another 2 years and then they're probably done. Motorola cheapos stay ahead of Blu flagships.

            Dudenoway, 09 Sep 2021Da faq. When the hell did mtk release dimensity 920. I mena... moreHonestly if they make a 5g version of this running dimensity 820 and probably 90hz or with ois camera for 250-300 I would love this. Also buying one of these very soon for my friend.

              • S
              • SeiSeiSeiba
              • y6W
              • 10 Sep 2021

              SeiSeiSeiba, 09 Sep 2021Ah yes. Cherry Mobile, here in the Philippines will be d... moreBut it's coming soon tho.

                • S
                • SeiSeiSeiba
                • y6W
                • 09 Sep 2021

                Ah yes.

                Cherry Mobile, here in the Philippines will be dubbed out as S10 Pro. Yep, the design is pretty same as this one.

                  Zero, 08 Sep 2021It exist: moreDa faq. When the hell did mtk release dimensity 920. I mena that is the real mtk Web and now I guess 920
                  exist but I think they haven't released it for smartphone production yet. Wierd they literally listed it's specs but have released it silently.

                    • Z
                    • Zero
                    • JMr
                    • 08 Sep 2021

                    Dudenoway, 28 Aug 2021Dimensity 920 doesn't exist. U prob mean dimensity 900... moreIt exist:

                      H.S, 03 Sep 2021How disappointing is it... Well I mean it isn't 720p, but it is an LCD, only 60hz and not 1440p. Kinda why I said a "bit" disappointing rather than just bad.

                        • H
                        • H.S
                        • 6PR
                        • 03 Sep 2021

                        joe nodden, 26 Aug 2021Not bad. The LCD is a bit disappointing but overall it'... moreHow disappointing is it...

                          Koolsee, 28 Aug 2021Very disappointing no 5G and no 66 71 LTE bandsNo 5g at 200. Well if u want 5g then why even bother. There are cheap 5g phones specifically made for people who need 5g at cheap.

                            Zero, 26 Aug 2021Redmi Note 10S competitor but with wireless charging. Exch... moreDimensity 920 doesn't exist. U prob mean dimensity 900. Otherwise yes i agree with u

                              Very disappointing no 5G and no 66 71 LTE bands

                                Snagged while it was still $150 for the launch day discount. Definitely good specs for the price, Helio G90 still holds up perfectly well. Can confirm they're still using emmc storage after running a speed benchmark. Really too bad moonstone isn't available yet, I would've much rathered that than something as boring as graphite.

                                  • B
                                  • Bruhman
                                  • Jex
                                  • 27 Aug 2021

                                  Specs are bad. Wireless charging is good and design is as well. Probably the only phone under $200 with wireless charging.

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • MjB
                                    • 27 Aug 2021

                                    Nice design

                                      • K
                                      • Kc5kxo
                                      • 75I
                                      • 27 Aug 2021

                                      I'm sure it's a decent device, but it has no LTE bands 66 and 71 for north america.

                                        • Z
                                        • Zero
                                        • L8W
                                        • 26 Aug 2021

                                        Redmi Note 10S competitor but with wireless charging.
                                        Exchange it for Dimensity 920 and we have a deal BLU.