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  • OldFoneUser

August 2019 !
WoW, this does Not make Any Sense how Good this phone Still is!
We HotSpot everything in our house w/this 5+year old phone & use it as our everyday device too. (UnLimt H.S. t-Mobile 60Gb month)
1gb Ram/1.5gb Q.core/16gb/Andriod 4.2 ?!?!
It does Everything w/out problems (we don't Game)
? Does this 'Disprove' that everyone Must-Have a New Phone every few months??
I mean Really... this phone performs w/out issue's
I would not believe it, if I was to just read the specs. Must just be a Quality unit IDK
Running a Roku, streaming Amazon prime video, using a Laptop & using the Phone on the web, (simultaneously)
It just works great... Blu phones might just be the 'Real Deal' 8/7/2019

  • Gray23

This was the first smart phone I ever purchased back in 2014. It worked great--no heating issues, fast, effecient--for about 6 months. One day, I plugged it into the charger and it wouldn't charge. I had to wiggle the charger around and prop it up just right to get it to charge. Luckily, I was able to get it powered up enough to save my photos, videos, contacts, etc. I sent the phone in to my carrier and received no word about the reason for the issue and a broken replacement. I ended up buying another BLU phone and 6 months down the line, it quit working as well. BLU phones do not last longer than 6 months before some random problem pops up and you need a new one. Don't bother wasting your money if you want something reliable.

  • mburgos05

2 years. Zero problemas. A lot of falls. 2 times I had re-weld the microphone, only that. Only I will like Lollipop or Marshmallow. I have 4.2.1, but I can do All things.

  • Emily

I've had this device since it was released in Jan 2014 (it is now March 2016). Zero problems with it; charge port still works, no major program bugs despite playing around with things I probably shouldn't. Battery still has long life, still fast and flawless. I only restart it every few months (the play store doesn't like installing things on it sometimes, but this is entirely my fault since I reverted the store to an old version and now can't figure out how to update it; restart fixes this install error every time. Whoops! ^_^)

  • Anonymous

When I bought the blu life play X, it was perfect, worked like a charm, fastest phone I have seen for such a low price.

It stayed like that for around eleven months and suddenly, I reach home, put it to charge and realize that the phone is not responding to the charger. I thought the charger was the problem and tried out another, changed the adapter and so on. Eventually, I realized that the problem was the phone's port. Dancing through the internet, i find out that this is a prevailing problem. So I took up the task of looking for a technician to fix it. The one person in the island I live instantly told me it was impossible to fix. I saw a tutorial on a solution, but that is a professional's playground.

At the end I bought a battery charger, hoping it could ease my burden, but alas, the battery goes up at around 6% per hour, and when being used goes down about 20% per hour. I am currently charging my battery to transfer my beloved information onto my laptop until I can get a phone to replace my now deceased one. It hurts so much to part with my blu.

Word to costumers, if you see this before buying the phone, do not waste your time and money. It is better to find a better phone.

If you have already bought it, cherish the beauty of blu while it lasts, but start buying your alternative.

And to Blu, PLEASE fix this problem. I love your product too much to part from it forever.

-Fourteen year old costumer of the BLU Life Play X.

  • shrinernupe

This is the worst phone because charging ports goes out after 2 months. 1000 cell phone fixed mine also then port went out again. I then sent phone to rma in miami for repairs and they never sent me my phone back. Its been a month or so ago but i just bit the bullet and bought a samsung before i sent blu phone in. They wont reply to my emails anymore either.

  • Anonymous

Can blue life phone port be repaired. It to two repair places and was told it can't be repaired

  • AnonD-341796

I bought this phone yesterday and I'm impressed with it,works really good.

  • blahh

i bought my phone about 3 months ago. now it just wont charge last night it was on 47% and i left it charging over night but when i woke up it was just on 60%. Why isnt it charging propertly? can someone help me please...

  • shrinernupe

I purchased this phone and my charging port went out after two months of use. I then had the charging port fixed by 10000 cell phones repair company 60 bucks. Then after two more months charging port works but I have to put rubber bands on it to hold it down . most times it won't charge so I'm using external charger. I'm force to spend another 60 or get rid of phone.

  • AnonD-331952

Compared to others, this smartphone get hot a lot, doing process and screen freeze with restart looping. I need to remove various widgets and get memory and temperature control apps.

  • mariogf

can i use the l102a model in mexico???

  • AnonD-320466

Does this model have LED notification?

  • Anonymous

LOVE my blu... I also have a square card reader I would really like them to work together so I can use the square with my blu any help???

  • Raggy

Can this phone's os be upgraded to kitkat? also i don't see any gorilla glass,does it scratches easily?

  • Anonymous

My blu life play x shuts off when i take a picture..what is the cause of this ?

  • AnonD-221859

Can you use a life play battery in the life play x if you need to replace it ?

  • AnonD-221859

is this a good phone to buy just for basic messaging like whatsapp and bbm and listening to music as well. I have a lot of music and thats what i use my phone for music messaging and phone calls. how is the camera, the battery and i hope it doesnt lag much can someone give some insides on the phone

  • Kazuto01

why is my blue life play x phone in black screen? I didn't do anything, i just turned on my phone and it went into a black screen

  • dellovich

does this phone come unlocked??