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  • AnonD-110632

This device has the exact specs on the Gionee ELIFE E6. it seems to be running the Gionee custom Rom Amigo OS for Andriod. I personally believe Gionee should be listed on GSMARENA. Might I add this device has a unibody design as well.

  • AnonD-136663

Very well built smartphone,but it really shows how much the designer is in deep love with iPhone,especially white iPhone 5 running iOS7!lol!

Looks a little bit like what an iphone and androids lovechild would be :-)

  • Anonymous

M I the only one who thinks it's gionee Elife E6?

  • leo grande

AnonD-19153, 21 Dec 2013As the tech moves forward we need a better battery life And fo... moreAs you the handset is target at mid range users who don't really want a Samsung galaxy s3,s4 or note but a devices that will do great with its 1.5GHZ processors ,1080p display and a 13mp camera. Which is very rare in low end devices such as Motorola's moto g and so on.

  • AnonD-19153

AnonD-105023, 21 Dec 2013In what way does the chip set fail? Just curious.As the tech moves forward we need a better battery life
And for an example Snapdragon 805 is the best choice at the moment because it's the smallest and the most efficient

  • poupet

which store will it be AVAILABLE, i want to get my hands hold of it

  • Samir Maric

krugar, 21 Dec 2013basically a rebranded gionee elife e6Yep it's also comes with amigo ui

  • AnonD-134497

The color of the background almost looks like an iOS 7

  • AnonD-105023

In what way does the chip set fail? Just curious.

  • AnonD-19153

It's all good until it comes to the chipset it fails :/

  • Felds

Battery small for a 5.0 display..
other specs are pretty ok tought.
no sd slot is bad, but 32 gb internal makes it acceptable

  • Waseem

its typically a ginonee elife E6

and on benchmarking its even lower than Sony Xperia SP and MoTo G

  • hermon

yes you are right bro, its a rebranded gionee elife e6

  • krugar

basically a rebranded gionee elife e6

  • Mahdi

Great phone but no sd card slot