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Byrdie, 25 Jan 2021Hi First, this is the most amazing phone I've ever h... moreQ8u
I am not able to access your reply.

    joe nodden, 30 Jul 2019It's been 4 years and BLU has yet to release a phone to top... moreFunny thing is if they kept pushing products like this with this level of quality...they would've actually owned a piece of the phone industry by now

      First, this is the most amazing phone I've ever had.

      Have had it about 4 years now.

      Had to change the usb port and the technician damaged the screen. Now I'm looking for a lcd screen with digitizer and the menu flex. Can anyone help me with where i can find one.


        Kitty, 16 Jan 2017I've had this phone for about 2 years. It's been a great ph... moreKitty please explain what Tech did..By the way if you managed to fix yours and it works consider the Qi receiver make sure the receiver is for the charger type so that it can sit on your battery with logo showing put battery door on and charge with Qi (chee) wireless charger I keep a small fan on to cool phones when charging (in case it gets hot )fan keeps it cool..I researched everything I could to figure a way to charge my phone after it would be fixed...It never happened. A so called Tech here in LA returned my call said he could fix my phone that he has the exact usb port to replace, ask that I leave it for 3-4 hrs pick up by 6pm closes 7pm. well the guy running shop went to get my phone then said the Tech apologizes but he couldn't repair it, what he did was desolder all but 1 pin leaving it to hang when I opened it 1mos later(still under warranty) thats why I had to wait I was going to fix it myself but no parts available anywhere so I waited to buy another Blu pure xl, so I researched and found the Qi Corp. I spoke to rep with much knowledge she sent (emailed) everything helpful..I bought Qi receiver & wireless charger finally found and paid for 2nd Blu Pxl and it worked so well I didn't have to wear-out the USB charging port ...Would you happen to know if the Tech that fixed your charging port ever mention if Gionee parts actually interchange with Blu Pure XL? I have asked everywhere I can, somehow no one will answer it ( sworn to Silence)..I need the info from my the 1st phone and so far without it working it is not possible..

          It's been 4 years and BLU has yet to release a phone to top this.

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            • ybZ
            • 26 Dec 2018

            Bahamas tec, 16 Jul 2016Battery is removable but by a tech I removed and replaced my battery myself -- took about 15 minutes, mostly just separating the battery from the double-sided tape that is used to glue it to the frame.

            There is a video on YouTube on how to access the battery and its connection. Just search on YouTube for Battery Replacement for BLU Pure XL

            You can find a battery replacement by searching the internet for BL-N3500

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              • 08 Apr 2018

              In the beginning everything worked as should it is the first phone owned that quit charging, no techs in Los Angeles wants to fix.too new..Problem not portal issue, possible possessed(LoL) .because phone turns on by itself takes 3 pic shows charge of 21% after it shuts down 0 % charge it is conscious when room is quiet it turns on takes 3 more pics. Warrannty 1yr handset only , battery 6 mos coverage..Now I know why it was sold cheap..I am going to try Qi Receiver & hopefully charge wireless if won't work then I will never buy another phone to be ripped off by any money hungry company, that makes stuff to break thinking I'd buy another...Wrong I still have lots of phones None had ever needed battery replaced, I just saw something else I liked better..Besides it's obvious something spies and records using NON-Removable Batteries..Don't be surprised it's been going on before the 70's....I 'll ween myself off it if I can't fix ..Lots of kool gadgets to throw money on .. You messed up with WARRANTY. To bad I hadn'tseen it first.

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                • 02 Oct 2017

                AnonD-704545, 01 Oct 2017Same, love this XL but its aging and i think its battery is... moreI actually ended up doing the same thing. The XL is beautiful, but the buttons are just too narrow on it (for the hitzones). I have a Le Max 2 now, and barring the shit-tier FP scanner, it's pretty legit.

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                  • 01 Oct 2017

                  Dr. M, 29 May 2017I have two of the BLU Pure XLs -- one gold (wife) and one g... moreSame, love this XL but its aging and i think its battery isnt as strong as it once was, i landed a comparable phone on ebay at random.. Even through its another chinese name, its still "flagship killer like" lol check out the Leeco Le Max 2

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                    • 21 Sep 2017

                    Luke5119, 29 May 2017I've had this phone for about a year and a half and its rea... moreThey have...blu pure XR

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                      • 19 Sep 2017

                      The worst phones in terms of batteries,,,,Al brand of BLU Mobiles !!!

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                        • 01 Sep 2017

                        Stating that the phone is dual sim standby is false, I used it as dual sim fully active for many months, until AT&T stopped supporting 2G. The downfall of this phone was the fact that the secondary line only supports up to 2G - rendering it useless to me once AT&T stopped supporting 2G (I have 2 AT&T lines I need to use simultaneously.)

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                          • 13 Aug 2017

                          Mark_S, 13 Oct 2016Not mine. Has been a pleasure since day one. Reboot your ... moreChanged my memory card when that happened no problem since

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                            • 02 Aug 2017

                            The durable phone even when abused, I've had the phone for 1 year 4 months. The biggest downfall for me was the cell phone reception, I missed calls and texts have been slow. I even switched carriers and it made no difference. I would not buy this phone, you can get a better phone with Samsung for the same price.

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                              • fkh
                              • 16 Jul 2017

                              1/Problem with this phone, when you use mobile , power off Instantaneous we replace with new battery make to it spacial but same problem, then you have to put it on charge to open and when start he will say Apps are being update 1 of 153?
                              we replace battery 2 times with new battery and make new software, but no useful,
                              2/very Heat screen.

                              where is solution?

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                                • Luke5119
                                • QXS
                                • 29 May 2017

                                I've had this phone for about a year and a half and its really starting to show its age, REALLY hope they release an immediate successor to this phone.

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                                  • 29 May 2017

                                  I have two of the BLU Pure XLs -- one gold (wife) and one gray (mine) -- coming on near two years now. No problems with either. For the price and times, it was a real flagship killer.
                                  Unfortunately, BLU support was sub-optimal, and the phone model effectively abandoned, with no support at all now -- no parts and no repairs -- and no upgrades.
                                  I'll still be using it to end of 2017, then I'll be looking for a new phone with all the new bells and whistles -- at a similar price point as the Pure XL.

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                                    • 28 May 2017

                                    Jimbob of Jonestown, 12 Feb 2017I've had this phone for a year now. It's really a nice devi... moreTurn on tactile feedback (Settings > Sound & Vibration > Vibrate on Touch)-- then you'll get a small buzz on your fingertip when you hit the right spot on the screen.

                                      The audio speakers on this phone is loud..very loud..and the software is great...totally worth the price. The camera is a bit slow due to 24mp..but front camera is clean as hell infact it is too clean..if you own one you would know what i'm talking about

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                                        • Jimbob of Jonestown
                                        • NUV
                                        • 12 Feb 2017

                                        I've had this phone for a year now. It's really a nice device on paper that's tragically marred by implementation.

                                        The hardware keys are REALLY annoying because of the extremely small hit zones. I like having the shutter button, but it only works with the vanilla camera app.

                                        The software is awful. Lots of junkware, the launcher is iPhone-esque garbage, and update support is non-existent. BLU pumps out like 50 phones a year, I was really hoping they would support this one better, but it seems it's one more to dump and run on. It just barely has root support working, and no existence of custom ROMs, which is sad, as they'd fix almost every major problem with this phone. Onscreen buttons, good launchers, and major software improvements.

                                        There is Engrish in the ROM, and the settings app is incomprehensibly organized. The phone itself has really nice hardware the only thing I'd have asked is for a better camera. Images are inevitably fuzzy in indoor/dark settings, but it takes some really sharp ones in good lighting. The battery is huge, the screen beautiful, and the phone is by and large responsive.

                                        Long term support is awful, and the software really needs some work. BLU is dependent on Gionee for supporting this phone, and Gionee does an awful job - evidently they did not bother getting a decent translator.

                                        I'd pass on BLU given the chance. The phone had huge potential, but it's just not the right mix of Software/Hardware to justify the price. This phone here is an industrial diamond. Powerful, with potential, but ultimately rough and unpolished. Given MTK and BLU's models.... it will likely remain so, if the dev community can't hack something together (and it seems they can't.)