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Maybe some people like these phones but I for one do not. My wife bought a S91 Pro online brand new and it was over $200 dollars. You can't resell this thing for more than $50 or $60 bucks ideally. Now why would I want to resell this BLU S91 Pro? Because their is nothing Pro about it. I can't even get the camera to stay open long enough to get a picture taken. It won't let me sign in to Google, it is very slow, and they have all these features you don't find on other brands together but it is not even capable to run them. I even put a 1TB SD card in mine and wouldn't you know, it can't handle that. Do you play game? Try running Beatstar (which by the way is one of the best music playing games out there!) I guarantee you can't play it and the graphics on this phone are horrible. I had a Note 10+ 5G. Yes, I had a damn good phone, but I got it wet and had to use a phone so I have this one until I get another Samsung phone because there is no way I would keep this and as mentioned before, Why would you even try and resell this thing? If you do, then you are a monster yourself for putting such a burden on someone else. Just trash this phone if you have one. If you are one of the few who like this as I see above 4 people out of millions out there, well then let me tell you for the money, you wasted it! I know every review is of personal experience but this is mine and I left out a ton that this phone just can't do. It's not worth the $35 you could probably buy a used/new one for on Ebay. I believe this company should buy back these phones and give people their money back. In comparison, there is no reason why this phone should cost more than $49.99 at Walmart on a good day. My review.....This phone has pissed me off so bad that I used it as a throwing ax and even then it didn't go through the drywall!!

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    • Y6G
    • 30 Dec 2022

    Factory unlocked phone with over 20 gb of 61 APPS PREINSTALLED OR UPDATE PROVIDED BLOATWARE this includes system space. After the first week, things begin to go south. The phone updates constantly and keeps adding resource hogging games and apps without my input. The battery usage meter is worthless. You can only see the past 3 hours of battery usage. Furthermore all of the percentage of usages listed below the MEASLY 3 HOUR BATTERY GRAPH add up to way more than 100 %. By far not friendly for those looking to take full advantage of the vast memory and battery you purchased. The screen turns on automatically every time you move the phone and there is no found setting to disable this feature. The instructions it comes with is a dinky quick start guide equal to less than a single page of paper. The phone did come with a significant phone case and glass screen protector, but beware that aftermarket phone cases available are very few, less than 10 at this time. Purchased by accident looking for the wireless quick charge version, pay attention to the model lettering closely when you shop for any blu phone. The most unimpressive purchase of an unlocked android phone at this point. I have had dozens, this one disappoints. The battery life seems o.k. The dinky quick start guide says to cycle the battery 2 or 3 times but NEVER TELLS YOU HOW EXACTLY TO DO THIS. You are thrown to the wolves and blinded by the marketing swank. Thank you gsm arena for making the shopping and searching so easy. Save your money, keep looking... The support is worthless.. the answers don't exist, there is not a following or group to ask for help. I'll take the loss and sell it on ebay. Never again. The software is so bloated, and keeps growing. The phone gobbles data all week updating 1 - 3 times a day (system updates) but no real improvements. No user guide on the phone. Nothing.. just a pile of market swank with a big battery to feed commercials. There are plenty of phones with more ram and less bloatware for less. BLU, FIX THE BATTERY METER SO PEOPLE CAN WATCH THE ENTIRE LIFE CYCLE OF EACH CHARGE, AND GAIN THE MOST FROM THE CAPACITY WITHOUT CONFUSING THEM. The screen has good resolution but is super blurry while scrolling because the hardware can't keep up even with slow scrolling. The exterior buttons have VERY LOW detent resistance which means you can bump them and turn the volume down up or power off without knowing. Some of the most basic items about the phone seem so rough. The physical appearance is appealing, it feels good in your hands. The camera is ok for still pictures and 1080 30fps video. Most other settings for the camera are simply a joke. The slow motion camera will not maintain focus (mounted in a tripod with hand puppet at 3 feet nor up close). You can not turn the flash on and off in macro. The screen response seems very sluggish even when scrolling through the menus. Charging animations do not work no matter what you do, so you never know if it is charging when the screen blacks out. There are plenty of other small bugs that could annoy the users. In general the app screens are very friendly and customizable. The important functional attributes to monitor the phone have been crippled by software engineers. Confusing common labels for simple items like mobile data usage , calling it app data usage instead only hinders users ability to quickly navigate the phone. Decent call quality, It works with good signal at this point, only time will tell if the phone can withstand the test of time.

    Short list:
    Battery life seems decent (one week usage report) Charged 3 times.
    Curb appeal is decent.
    Bluetooth is responsive and easy to connect to most devices.
    Great signal / reception compared to equal cost range phones
    Main camera is decent for still photos only.

    Phone buttons often trigger accidentally (could cause missed calls data loss etc.)
    Important info is not accessible in phone settings.
    Buggy software, constant updates, bloatware keeps growing.
    Screen settings unavailable to prevent phone turning on when moved. Charging screen does not display even when turned on. Battery life history limited to 3 hours past.
    Camera functionality is poor with poor picture quality on many settings.
    It is almost sickening trying to watch the screen as you scroll through menus or pages. Menu screen refresh rates are very low.
    CHARGE RATE IS ABOUT 10% PER HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH Stock charger is 2000mah but it never charges at that rate. Slowest charging battery I have ever experienced. 10+ hour charge times.

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      • Ycq
      • 23 Sep 2022

      Lol looks like a vivo phone

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        • conrad
        • 4TA
        • 21 Sep 2022

        w, 26 Jul 20222MP wide angle camera.........? Really? Really BLU???how do i get to my sim number on the blu s91pro

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          • Anonymous
          • SYq
          • 09 Sep 2022

          This will be rebranded as Lava Blaze Pro.

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            • Sin
            • 0Fj
            • 12 Aug 2022

            Why only 4gb ram

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              • IDn
              • 26 Jul 2022

              2MP wide angle camera.........? Really? Really BLU???