BLU Studio 5.0 C HD

BLU Studio 5.0 C HD

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  • AnonD-313377

I am having issues receiving/sending MMS messages. I have set the APN according to straight talk, but still can't get them. Is anyone sending/receiving MMS messages with this phone through Straight Talk? If so, please can u tell me how? Include APN settings you use please!?

  • AnonD-313082

I've had this phone for a little over a week. I bought it at Walmart online, shipped free to the store for $100.That was the price for either the black or white. Colors go for an extra $50USD. The colors are nice, but I just couldn't see the value there. Also bought a 2 year warranty for $24USD. Be advised this is the D534U model. I was told by BLU that the D534L model isn't out yet. The difference is the added GSM 2100 band if that is important to you. I love this phone so far. I'm coming from an Atrix 4g and this is a big improvement. Also be advised that this phone cannot be rooted as of right now; there is a problem with the updated Kit Kat 4.4.2.being exploited from what I gathered at the XDA forums. Anyway, at the price for these specs, you can't beat it. Go BLU!

  • Anonymous

Incorrect data. Phone doesn't have a compass.

  • wave

Nice phone blu keep it up

  • first timer

i jus bought this phone from my brother and selected factory reset to load my info .....and it bricked up can someone help ....the green android logo with a red triangle keeps flashing and the phone is not restarting

  • kemar

AnonD-134945, 05 Sep 2014Takes good pictures and the phone is fast,only issue is 4gb... morethe os which is (kit kat) takes up the space on the device so a sd card is needed to store more app and medea. apps can be move to sd by going into settings then apps then downloaded apps and can move some over to sd.

  • Anonymous

I have the studio 5.0 ii and will be buying the c HD. You can get it on amazon for like $150 new.

  • AnonD-134945

Takes good pictures and the phone is fast,only issue is 4gb instead of 8gb because when I got it it only had 2gb or less left.

  • AnonD-301327

babypao, 02 Sep 2014I have this phone, and it is really bang for the buck, plus... moreHow is the camera and battery life?

  • babypao

I have this phone, and it is really bang for the buck, plus the interchangeable back covers is a big plus

  • indonesia

where and how i can buy this phone in indonesia ? if someone know. . . tell me at . thanks before

  • bb10 lover

This phone really suck . bad internet and really bad camara

  • Bluefinger06

kim, 22 Aug 2014Blu phones are Just combination of style and fashion in one. Yeah as I can see in the image the phone looks awesome, I wish I have that phone someday :)

  • Bluefinger06

May I know if there is available store outlet where I can buy this phone(BLU Studio 5.0 C HD) here in the philippines?

  • kim

Blu phones are Just combination of style and fashion in one.

  • AnonD-296684

Does it have USB OTG ( support?

  • khalid shah

blu mobiles is very stylish and good phones in used iwant to buy this blu phones that is so nice mobiles for other thank you