BLU Studio G2

BLU Studio G2

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  • djwade

worse phone i ever had. should be taken off the market and scrapped

  • J3rmayn3

Phone has improved in speed since the last system update,works moderately fast with Instagram,whatapss if your ram is cleaned.its good phone 6\ problem is that it can't have more than 3 apps open at the same time and it cannot play almost every game.

  • Sash

The Blu Studio G2 is absolutely the worst phone I've ever owned. I
live in a central location with excellent connectivity, it continues to drop my calls. It freezes a whole lot and doesn't work at all with Snapchat. If I even think of watching a video on WhatsApp, the phone needs to reboot. I can't use Instagram or Facebook. It charges really slowly and usually turns off for no reason.It overheats a lot. The battery life is a little below average and that's the best feature on this phone.

  • Harry

Nice phone, but terribly slow. I bought it off eBay thinking it was 4g LTE. I just discovered it wasn't. Should have been warned by the price but I guess I'm not that smart. My other BLU 4g phone just developed problems and now I'm still looking for a replacement.

  • Kerry

The phone is very stupid. I can't do a live stream with it. And every minute you see an error message, easy to break charges slow, this phone needs improvement.

  • Brandon

This phone slow freeze need help

  • mvick868

This phone makes no sense on the market, it is slow, freezes and can not stream youtube smoothly.

  • davide

unable to download the italian language in the phone

  • AnonD-695880

The phone is good in a way so far except the apps i downloaded, especially Snapchat keep freezing and then it goes black then back to menu. It is slow and I am annoyed

  • Anonymous

I regret buying dis shit! Within d 1st wk had problems wit it lagging n keep freezing up! N oh gosh dis fone slow Jed! Smh

  • Anonymous

Had a blu before & LOVED it (not this model). Bought this model a week & a half ago, it started freezing up & at times was very slow & now it completely shut down on me & refuses to come back on. Warranty still good so sending it back to hear the verdict - not feeling positive about it, though.

  • Anonymous

just sorry i bought it that's all i am saying #annoyed

  • Anonymous

Gordon, 28 Feb 2017Very slow and always freezing, worst phone ever... Worst phone ever, slow bad

  • Gordon

Very slow and always freezing, worst phone ever...

  • Savannah thurston

Seems good!

  • Ollyfresh

Very annoying and frustrating. Worst phone i ever bought. Keeps hanging and showing error.

  • Anonymous

worst phone ever it keep saying error for no freaking reason

  • sam123

This phone is slow you can't have like 3 apps open at the same time without getting an error...
the battery life last the whole day