BOE to start supplying Apple with OLED panels for the iPhone 12 family

Ro, 25 December 2020

Earlier this year, before even the iPhone 12 family came to be, a rumor claimed that Apple is in talks with BOE to become a third OLED screen supplier for the iPhone 12-series. However, only Samsung and LG remained in the supply chain with BOE having some issues with the quality control and the deal was pushed back until those issues were resolved.

BOE to start supplying Apple with OLED panels for the iPhone 12 family

Now, an industry analyst firm says that BOE has finally received certification and will soon start manufacturing OLED panels for Apple's iPhone 12 family. The estimate is that Samsung will be making about 130 million units in 2021 while LG and BOE settle for 40 and 10 million units, respectively.

However, if all goes well next year with the iPhone 12 sales, that is, the order might be bumped up to 20 million. This seems to be the company's first step into taking over 40% of the global OLED panel market, which is forecasted to reach $49.7 billion in 2024.

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  • Anonymous

Yes you can. They all use different manufacturing practices.

  • A7sii

Crapple's Maxipads are a joke to the tech industry with its stupid bra purse.. So is the trend of removing features one by one... But you people thats innovation! smh*

And as usual droidboy can't show any evidence about he's bashing :) if you say lg and Samsung screens look different there would be tons of articles and tests about it. You know it very well, we are now talking about Apple where everything ...

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