Bosch Com 207

Bosch Com 207

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  • hunk

guys there is no place for you people who still uses this phone, go to some other planet.

  • Anonymous

Just got this phone for christmas, can someone help me, im looking for a nice cover

  • swet's

Nimta, 28 Apr 2012It's too nice & beautiful & better than Galaxy series.same like i phone

  • Nimta

It's too nice & beautiful & better than Galaxy series.

  • Anne Dijkhuijsen

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2008By the way, it is excactly the same as the Philips Twist-ph... morei need a accu for this Bosch 207 , where can i buy it?

  • mark machin

Anyone know when this phone is expected to be released again?? been waiting on this for a while, have heard it has similar apps as the i-phone. Need help chappies

  • Anonymous

By the way, it is excactly the same as the Philips Twist-phone! (I had had both of them, 1999)

  • Anonymous

It was my first mobile phone, back in 1999. I never had a problem with it, except with its battery (stand-by ~ 2 days). It still works today, but only with the AC-adaptor :-)

  • Mohamed

Unbreakable ! better than iPhone or n95

  • Anonymous

WOW this phone has 1 feature SMS o boy i wanna get this for x-mas

  • Anonymous

Arend Eysele , u are doing business on this piece of crap?? are u blind??? wasting yr time on this crap? sheeeesh.. get alive, this is the ugliest fon ever, it should be dump in the dumping site of mars!

  • Cornish Person

OOOHHH Big Buttons (Drool) Best phone ever no need for stupid things like camera or even this stupid bluetooth thingy all you kids should get a life! In my day we didn't have phones to play with we were sweeping chimneys OOOOHHH Yeah

  • david flett

i love this

  • Anonymous

this phone is so cool. can anyone tell me where i can get one?

  • Anonymous

hey this is a design of old alcatel phones!

  • filip

I have this phone for eight years. Still working, but batery only works about 24 hours on stand by.

  • Arend Eysele

I would like to know the price of this phone because I am sitting with a potencial order of about 250 000 phones and the price I quoted was about R180.00 per phone if you match this we have a deal.

  • Anonymous

very similar to Philips Diga...
TOO similar , if you ask me (both in features and design).
I wonder who copied whom ???

Anyway, it`s a good thing that Bosch quit the cellular industry and returned to making its famous powertools.

  • scooby doo

check the size of this brick! Where did u get it from? A hobo!

  • sm

a the brick fell out of somebodys house simon england sucks dick