Bosch Com 607

Bosch Com 607

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  • arnikus

Mikey, 06 Aug 2012Mah first phone! Was coloured cheese yellow and had the whi... moreWas my first phone too also yellow. I wonder if it can still be bought, good working?

  • Anonymous

subset lock

  • Mikey

Mah first phone! Was coloured cheese yellow and had the whistling SMS ringtone....

  • cd22

Preston, 29 Nov 2009I would really like to know if there is a site on the web w... moreHave you found the ringtones? i'm also looking for them....

  • Preston

I would really like to know if there is a site on the web where i could DOWNLOAD The ringtones of this Phone.(any Format would due). Iwant them for my Dad.He had one, and was absolutely in love with that "lulaby" Ringtone...
Any Suggestions Anyone?

  • frozen ocean

had one was old about 9 years ago when i bought it...but definitely one of my best phones....worth all the money...maybe more:)))

  • george

i have had one. satisfied on it

  • Anonymous

nice phone,my first phone
I killed my cat with it by mistake :)

  • rico

my first was very good at the time , but the battery life sucked..but it was a sturdy piece , u could use it to hit somebody with it , and that person will certainly feel the bump :))

  • Kevin

I'm still using mine - battery held on by case as lugs broken off when drooped internals of aerial broke - but who cares still works fine. Would like another as wife finds it easy to use compared to newbies.

  • dobre andrei

A BIG phone but an eficient one , in case u r raped......

  • viperfox

good parts: it's a heavy duty phone (excepting the antena wich it's quite fragile), dropped on the floor, the only thing that can happen it the battery to fall apart but u just putit back and it's ok (it dosent broke) - this phone is ubreakable; also it has a big display, many ringtones, it has a calculator wich can calculate square root (!!!), very good organised and easy to use menu, orange backlihgt (wich i like more than green one), heavy duty keys, loud ring, many ringtones (27);
bad parts: it's quite big, heavy, the antenna it's fragile but detachable, the battery gets detached easily when dropped on the floor and so the phone goes off, the backlight stays allways on when charging, doesnt have vibration, dosent have memory phone, the sim card it's tricky to take out

  • manjunath ramakrishn

i need charger and battery ,please help.Bangalore,India

  • gigi

un cacat de telefon sa moara bibi :)

  • mazlan

my problem simlock permantley

  • Mihai

Hi!I would like to know if i can download a ringtone on my "BOSCH"607.I,m waiting for your answer.Thank you all very much.

  • Mares Cosmin

Un telefon "caramida" cu un design "ancestral",meniul greoi si sunetul foarte prost fac din acest telefon un calvar!!! Cine crede ca astea sunt telefoane,se inseala amarnic!acumulatorul este o "porcarie" la propriu fiindca pica foarte repede.Daca sunteti posesorul unui astfel de telefon,cautati cel mai rapid tomberon si aruncati-l sau mai bine dati-i foc!!!

  • Vlad

It's maybe the best phone for the young people in Romania. It's more than affordable, looks fairly good, it's not too big (only a bit too heavy), has a large display and it's menus are easy to use.
About 1/3 of the young people here have one. One of the most apeciated features it's that it's durable, ressistent and generally tough. It's a reliable machine.
I own one and even if I also have a Nokia 6110, I keep the Bosch as a backup because I trust it more.

  • Namza

Dulu ada sorang kawan saya guna tipon ni, dia tu CEO, tapi beli tipon jenis longgok punya. Hishhh... nasib baik dia dah tukar seimen ... cuma tak boleh kena air jer, sebab nanti dia keras.