Bosch Com 608

Bosch Com 608

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  • Rain

This is my 1st phone i love it..

  • AnonD-125414

oldschool69, 17 Oct 2010this was my first mobile phone way back in 1999...This was my first mobile phone, owned one in 1999-2000. Mine was grey in colour.

  • EU

it beats the iphone,look at votes.

  • Anonymous

me too

  • oldschool69

this was my first mobile phone way back in 1999...

  • jaguar rx9

i have this phone till now. its still new condition since i firstly use this phone 1999. my phone colour blue. My member said, this phone "old school".

  • erik

my first phone, 1999, snatched from my pocket, damn! Almost got stabbed for this one, had this in blue. All I remember it's a 3-liner and needs to be charged everyday, got this for 5000 PHP in 1999(roughly 75 GBP 2009)

  • obama

I still have this phone with me, believe it or not it still works. But battery last only a few minutes. Mine is colored blue.

  • jcsan

wahahaha! this was my very first phone tooXD

  • waway625

my very first phone way back in 98/99.back then the choices for the globe prepaid kit was this, a motorola d368(?), an erricsson GA628 and a Nokia 5110, in my school the bosch was second the the 5110 in terms of mass appeal (of course the creme dela creme was the 6110)

Lost it after a few months and got myself a 5110

  • Miss Beni

This was my first phone, ever. Had it in junior high. Beepers were popular back then and having this phone was such a big deal 'coz only a handful had mobiles that weighed less than a pound. hahaha... Had it in blue, never failed me.

  • Anonymous

looser phone

  • stingrae5

this was my very first phone back in 2000. just got to this website and i like reading the reviews for each phone. helps consumers in choosing the phone that best suites them. this unit was one of the most affordable at that time. good for me though. just enough for texting and calls. batt is not good. this unit is not durable. mine only lasted until 2001.

  • Ben Smith

This is without a doubt the finest phone you will ever see - you can't find a better phone on the market x70 who??

  • frank desouza

I like the phone very much but then, Ilocked the phone with a chip and it's now permanently block.I need the software code unlock it

  • Dark Angel

this is the worst telephone you'll ever see... I had one back in '99 and I smashed him on a wall - he used to turn itself off sooooo frequently, even fully charged...

*nice nickname there, f____g romanian looser!

  • Svetlin Marinov

So, it looks like no one has written a review of the phone. Well, i'll try to do so, not very long, but just the truth about it.First of all, it's old. It's designed 1999, so we can't want so much from it, well ? But, from that year, we have some phones, which are much more good. In fact, this phone is some kind simple. You cannot write your own melody, or place a logo on the screen, which is't so bad, otherwise. The phone is not so strong - i've dropped it on the ground once, and it almost get useless forever :) And, there is much more to say about it, but all of them, not so good news, so i'll finish here. For questions, write to me, but i don't expect any :) Thanks for readin'

  • sebby

Telefon misto.ORIENTU' e bestial.

  • Erdweg

Shitty phone. bad quality.