Bosch Com 906

Bosch Com 906

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  • baba

Duhas, 24 Feb 2004This phone sucks dick thats my opiniondont say like that, coz u dont hav a capability to design that kind of fon

  • blinder

this is the best phone ever no doubt!beutiful design,many features like gps,videocall and suport pdf files.....its amazing....i buy one of this in 1996 in papua new guinea....very cheap (350 euros).

  • Anonymous

looks like a old alcatel

  • Duhas

This phone sucks dick thats my opinion

  • MooDz

Trust me, stay away !

  • Henry Holtmann

Sir/Madam: I am living in Canada and I am interested in purchasing a Bosch cellular phone. Do you have a Canadian distributor that I could deal with? If yes, could I please have their name and location. I would appreciate your help. Thank you
Henry Holtmann

  • Aris UMS

Lha kok, the talktime is very short