Bosch Com 908

Bosch Com 908

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  • Becky

My first cell phone ever. Slim, classy, durable. I want to have one again. Is it still in the market?


  • noses

Most important for me: It had a real _analog_ modem inside (originally just intended for faxing but it was a modem chip with 14400 bps). And a serial cable... I used it a lot at that time - having the customers pay for the connection charges.

  • Phani Kumar

I used it during 2003. Great Phone indeed. Best software during those days. It use to remind birthdays every year. Now still thinking of it. German is German. I wish they come into market with smartphones.

  • AnonD-410142

Using one fully working right now. :D Had to replace battery in battery pack with better and newer one. Great phone! :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2013I wish I could have this phone again. One of my favorite ph... moreMe, too! :)

  • Anonymous

I wish I could have this phone again. One of my favorite phones. :)

  • AnonD-139247

its my first mobile phone...its easy awesome and have good battery...

  • ed

My all time favorite Bosch 908. slim easy to use and durable....

  • Kalai

My first Celphone..and I simply loved it. You could talk for hours on it and it's perfectly safe and comfortable to your ears. For anyone who adored a classic business phone it would say this phone would top it up..just a basic clear call and simple sms...takes the complexity away. I wish they still sell phones like this again.

Never gave me much problems on that the battery expired and I could not find good spare parts. Finally laid it to rest.

  • darth_ronron

i had 2 of this when i was in college about 7 years ago. really nice and classy. thinesy phone during that time. one of my top 10

  • who knows

TO wangthang: This BOSCH is a 2G phone!

  • wangthang

back in the prehistoric days of gsm, it looked classy,i've had 1 of this and is very reliable and durable unfortunately i lost it..
this unit and n5110 is the icon for of 1g

  • josh

i had this phone before back in high school(6 years ago). this phone is nice and very light weight. unfortunately, i lost it..huhuhu

  • Pravesh

bosch is a very good and practical mobile to use. i have a bosch GSM 908 but i`m not getting its casing. coz ya it was broken.

  • Kibur Getachew

Dear Sirs
I have battery problem on my Bosch Com 908 cell phone and I couldn't find its battery in the market so it is to ask if you can help me.
Best regards, Kibur Getachew

  • Israel Pineiro Jr

It's ok if you're in a pinch and don't have any other alternative.

  • jagadesh

This mobile phone is good

  • Emir

I would kindly request a plastic mask for my Bosch 908.
Thanks in advance
Address: A B Simica 29, 71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Emir

I have this phone for 3 years. It is fantastic. I like it very much. It has simple functions, but I do not have a date and time set -up possibility.